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Aliens: Hivemind


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Date: 09/16/2036 Log Entry #1: We have found an organic lifeform living in space outside the Earth's atmospheric conditions. This is truly a groundbreaking discovery that could even change our biological concept of life. _________________________________________ Date: 10/21/2037 Log Entry #2: The specimen was kept in a vacuum. Tests and experiments show that the foreign lifeform favors lower temperatures. Our studies indicate that the specimen was once in a colony of the same species. Rest assured, it cannot do manual tasks without a "hive mind." _________________________________________ Date: 01/06/2038 Log Entry #3: The vacuum container of the specimen was found broken, therefore exposing the lifeform to the "natural" living conditions of the Earth's atmosphere. After extensive research, we have found that the lifeform was radiating infrared waves towards space after it's contact with the Earth's atmosphere. The reason for this was unknown. _________________________________________ Date: 01/01/2043 Log Entry #4: Strong signals of infrared waves have been detected north of the coast in Iceland, an unnatural occurence. Meanwhile the specimen was found missing in the lab around the start of the mysterious event. _________________________________________ Date: 02/01/2043 Log Entry #5: Giant insect-like creatures has been spotted on the northern coast of Canada and Iceland. The beasts were known to feed on humans, so an evacuation was in underway in the northern countries. _________________________________________ Date: ??? Log Entry #6: The countries located in the northern hemisphere has been in anarchy ever since the giant insects started to swarm in their cities. Countries in the red zone are urged to evacuate to another country, thereby giving up the country's rights to the government accepting their citizenship. Global economy and politics has been damaged greatly and is now in disarray. The world has now entered a great era of distress and calamity. The apocalypse has begun. ********************************************* This work was originally ported to the Wattpad platform by yours truly, but eventually made it's way to Webnovel. To make things clear, this copy of Hivemind and that on Wattpad is completely the same and released by the same author on both platforms, e.g. me. Have a great time reading bud!