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Alexandria believed her brother and trusted no one but him. In the cruel world they lived in, she loved only his twin. But as days go by, a crack started to form between them. Due to an incident at the age of 10, she lost the ability to recognize her own feelings and emotion. It all changed when she met Clauzia in the field of flowers, the one who made her feel something strange in her chest, not knowing what that feeling was, Alexandria took a liking to the lady. Is it love or just an obsession with the feeling she does not understand? "The tree that always comforted me lost its use the moment you appeared," Alexandria whispered, leaning on the tree with Clauzia in her arms. "Only you...make me feel this way." Tears formed in Clauzia's eyes as she gazed down at their hands, "This kind of relationship is not allowed, y-you could die." she said with a tremble in her voice. Alexandria couldn't show any expression but she held Clauzia's hand tightly and pressed her lips on the lady's head, "I will do anything to keep you by my side," "Even if it costs me my life." Alexandria didn't have a reason to live or die. For years, she always asked herself for a purpose. Now she finally found the answer to her questions. However, the chaos began when she found Clauzia engaged to her twin brother. Alexander.


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