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What is Alexander the Great Mage

Read Alexander the Great Mage novel written by the author mrant12 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, transmigration, kingdombuilding. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The aliens kidnapped human beings to conduct experiments. And of all people, they chose to kidnap Alexander the Great at the peak of his glorious campaign, right before he invaded Arabia. He's pissed off. So I can't invade Arabia now? Fine! I'll invade YOU instead!! Witness Alexander the Great wreaking havoc in the alien experimental world as he tries to stop the aliens from massing and launching an invasion on earth! The action begins at chapter 3! The first two chaps are abit slow, but hang in there, it'll be worth it, I promise. :) Check out also my other novel - Speed Is King! It is participating in WPC 242, please support it by giving it powerstones :)


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Okay I would not be surprised if this novel wins WSA. No, I mean like for real. It has all the ingredients to win it AND the writing is publication quality. 5star does not do it justice. 1. Writing quality: PAR EXCELLENCE. NO typos, grammatical errors. Vocabulary congruent to the story and setting. And words are lucid and not unnecessarily convoluted. Flows easily. 2. Stability of Updates: stable lol 3. Story development: superb pacing. Doesn't dawdle, gets into the thick of things right away without compromising the pacing. Very very interesting twist on the transmigration/system genre and you do not have to be a fan of the genre to like it, you will like it either way. There are the elements of an epic story that you will know about pretty early. Also, political conflict is there, which makes it even better for me. lol. 4. Character Design: Superb simply. The MC only really interacts with the system but you can already tell he will be a fun MC to follow. Fun and brave, the elements of a perfect hero. And the heroine is compelling too. :D 5. World Background: Superb. Beautifully explained by the system without making it sound weary and expositional. REALLY GREAT WORK. Will definitely stay in my library. I cannot wait for Alex and Archmage to speak with each for the first time.


Man!!! This is a wild ride! I can see such world building and detailed writing reach 2000+ chapters if continued properly. I also like the comedy here and there and the feeling of the characters having their own personalities being portrayed during exchanges. I could feel myself reading Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones again. Nice job!!! Keep it up!


Absolutely amazing. The author has done an amazing job all round so far, and i do hope this level of writing continues as the book progresses. Excellent writing quality. No grammatical errors I could see and the selection of words used made the story seem very free flowing. It's too early to judge story development, but from what I've read so far, it's clear it has massive potential. The characters are easy to follow and written well, each unique and we'll suited to the roles the author has set out for them. And the world background. Very well crafted world and understanding how it works has been made very easy thanks to the author. Keep up the good work.


For someone who have read alot of novel books from the classics of HG Wells 'War of the Worlds' to the contemporary sci fi debut of Liu Cixin 'Three Body Problem', i must say this writer has a very promising career ahead of him. From Character developments to the vivid details of the environment, nothing is left out in the writing. Of course, the plot is intriguing and will surely leave the readers spellbound. Cant wait for the next chapter to be released!


Alexander, The Great invading the alien community 😂 😂 The idea itself is so unique that you won't find anything like it. You have got to read this story! You did a good job, author!


Not bad, not bad at all. The premise was interesting and I didnt feel bored. The overall writing quality was decent and there weren't flaws that struck me as 'glaring'. Though the pacing was steady for most of the first chapter it did feel a little iffy at certain parts but I guess that could very well be a deliberate thing from the author. This is a good read and if you've stumbled in here wondering whether you should read this or not, the answer is, yes, you should.


So far so good. Interesting theme, would be great to see battles that Alexander was famous for in his life. Keep writing and churning out chapters.


This novel is well written, catches you right from the start, and makes you wonder what will happen next. I would say author writes lots of details and explanation to help you understand the situation. Love that it is about Alexander The Great! Only suggestion is too much information at the start may turn readers off. BUT! I suggest you give it a read! It is entertaining and fun.


I enjoyed it well, the idea of having Alexander in your fictional world is quite interesting and fun. I somehow started it with a serious face and ended up laughing , and wanting to read more. Overall a very nice story. keep it up.


Interesting plot and theme! A refreshing take on the story and the narration is lively and so are the expressions! Looking forward to read some more future updates to come


I give one big, fat stamp of approval to thee, sir! Very much a treat to read, due in no small part to your excellent writing skills, and I DO so love a wild, bonkers concept for a story such as this. Keep it up!


What a good read!!! The writing style of the author is immersive and I can't wait to see the progress of our MC. I like this story of Alexander. 5/5. I hope to see this novel be complete.


Great concept! The synopsis made me laugh so hard. I have high expectation for this story and the first few chapters did not let me down. Super entertained. Looking forward for more author-sama!


It's a pretty cool twist on history mixed with sci-fi stuff. I do like how you build the world the story takes place and the characters are well-written, well-balanced, and well-fleshed out. It's an interesting premise executed very well and I do believe this is a book I would recommend to sci-fi fans. Great work!


Refreshing and very emotionally charged. I am looking forward to see how he wakes up and gains control of the world!! Additionally I love how Aleyria is so filial to her dad. Plus she is so powerful!!


WOW! I REALLY LOVE THIS NOVEL! HUZZAH! The synopsis was really funny, in a good way. It made me laugh and entertained for the first few chapters. I cannot wait to read more about ALEXANDER'S GREAT ADVENTURERS HUZZAH!!


very good story, I am loving it, keep going author, fighting. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


I get hooked reading the first chapter, the author does a great job of portraying the mc as a charismatic character. World background? hum. Kinda irked me how the universal empires only consisted of about 1500 planets, like I mean wouldn't that be more of a galactic scale? Maybe I'm just overthinking it, maybe the term 'universal' describes how massive the civilization is, either way, can't wait to see how everything unravels.


For me to give it a five star! It means I LOVE IT! I'm the worst of all picky readers and I know it so please, if you have been thinking of reading it then get down to business and if you have not been... common give it a try I swear you would not regret it... And It's the character development for me... such a wonderful story, I swear word can't even describe what I want to say


A pretty nice concept of Time travel and scifi with a mix of fantasy and Magic. Not something I met everyday. The narration was splendid as it was nearing its perfection. Not something a newbie like can easily criticize. Haha Kudos!


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