After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

In a group-pampering novel, Nan Qiao was the female supporting character who lost her glamor as the female lead. She was cast aside by her father, her three brothers, her grandparents, and her friends. Her father wanted to cut off all ties with her, her three brothers only adored her stepsister, and her grandparents, who favored boys over girls, also sided with her stepsister from another mother. "Stop trying to tie me down. The person I love is Zhi," Nan Qiao's fiance said. "Nan Qiao, will you stop being so problematic? Your sister saved your life," her father said. "Nan Qiao, I'm very disappointed in you," her eldest brother said. "How could you hit your sister? Don't you know how fragile your sister's body is?" Her second brother asked. "I can't believe you're such a heartless person," her third brother said. "Kick her out. The Nan family won't tolerate such a horrible child!" Her grandparents exclaimed. After reincarnating, Nan Qiao came to her senses. Since none of you want me here, I'll be the first to leave this time. Nan Qiao inherited assets worth billions from her maternal grandfather, and her seven brothers from the maternal side of her family pampered her beyond reason. Her eldest brother was the CEO of a company, her second brother was a famous celebrity, and her third brother was a professor... They fought each other for her attention. Just as Nan Qiao's life was getting better, a top-notch villain in the original novel set his sights on her. Huo Yichen pinched Nan Qiao's chin and squinted a little. There was a cold look in his eyes. "What's the matter? Do you think you can run away after flirting with me?" *** Nan Qiao thought everything that happened in the past would stay in the past, but her family, like her, reincarnated with memories from the previous lifetime. Having tortured her a thousand times over, her family came to her with tears streaming down their faces and begged her to return home. "I'm sorry, Qiao. I made a mistake."

Mu Ruoyun · Urban
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Thrown Out by the Main Villian

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After school, Nan Qiao used her allowance to buy some fruits and went to the hospital where Nan Zhi was previously hospitalized.

After hanging around there for a while, she saw Huo Yichen.

When Huo Yichen arrived, he saw Nan Qiao talking and laughing with his mother.

Huo Yichen frowned when he saw her, then became extremely displeased. "Why are you here?"

"I just came to see Auntie and thank you for helping me this morning."

Nan Qiao handed him an apple. "Do you want one?"

Huo Yichen picked up the things that Nan Qiao had brought and picked up Nan Qiao's bag and lifted her by her collar. "Let's go."

In front of his mother, Huo Yichen didn't say 'get lost'.

The young man's handsome face was filled with alienation and disgust.

How did she know his mother was here?

No matter what her motives were, he did not need her gratitude.

"Don't be so cold. I'm really here to thank you."

Although he was still a teenager, Huo Yichen was almost 1.8 meters tall now. It was easy for him to lift Nan Qiao up.

"Xiao Yi, don't treat your classmate like this." Huo Yichen's mother was weak and her voice was soft. She wanted to stop him, but she couldn't.

"Mom, don't worry about it. I'll talk to her outside."

Huo Yichen dragged Nan Qiao out with his hand. Nan Qiao's eyes were wide and innocent. They had both grown up eating food from the country. But why was he growing up so quickly?!

Huo Yichen put Nan Qiao down outside the door in disgust. "I don't need your gratitude. If it weren't for the surveillance cameras, I wouldn't care about your life."

If he didn't help her, she would die there. When the time came to check the surveillance footage and everyone found out, he would be drowned in everyone's saliva.

He was not afraid of people, but he was afraid of trouble.

Nan Qiao was silent for two seconds. So this was the truth?

As expected, villains wouldn't do anything good.

"No matter what, I still have to thank you for helping me. If it weren't for you in the afternoon, I would have been beaten up. Let's get to know each other. My name is Nan Qiao."

Nan Qiao knew that Huo Yichen wasn't that easy to get close to, but she still wanted to leave an impression in his eyes so that it would be easier to talk about cooperation in the future.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Hurry up and get lost. Don't dirty my eyes. If you come looking for my mother again, I'll hit you even if you're a woman." The young man's handsome face seemed to be covered in frost. The corners of his eyes were stained with a layer of red, and he was unruly.

The young man's fierce threat did not scare Nan Qiao. Instead, it aroused her interest.

The main villain was indeed fierce. He had quite a personality.

As a teenager, Huo Yichen had already laid the foundation for his gloomy personality in the future. After his mother's death, Huo Yichen no longer had any ties and was ruthless and cruel.

The young man slammed the door, completely isolating Nan Qiao.

Nan Qiao sniffed. She was still holding the half-peeled apple in her hand. She took a bite helplessly and realized that there was a cut on her fingertip.

It was left behind when Huo Yichen forcefully pulled her.

After stuffing all the fruits into her bag, Nan Qiao walked home slowly. This time, there would be food to eat if she got hungry at night.

In the ward, Huo Yichen took out the apple he bought from the small cabinet to peel for his mother. When he was looking for the knife, he found it on the floor. He lowered his head and picked it up, only to find blood on it.

Huo Yichen hesitated for a moment before he immediately returned to his usual self and went to wash the knife.

"This is the first time a classmate of yours has visited me in so many years. How can you be so rude?"

"Mom, I don't know her."

Huo Yichen himself didn't know why he wanted to help her this morning.

Perhaps it was the unyielding look in her eyes when she was beaten up in the director's office, or perhaps it was just sympathy?

However, this did not mean that he had to have anything to do with her.

"Child, how can you say that? Qiaoqiao already told me that you helped her. She's here to thank you… Cough cough cough…"

Before Mrs. Huo could finish her sentence, she started coughing non-stop, almost unable to breathe.

Huo Yichen hurried over to pat her back.

"Mom, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry. She won't come again," Huo Yichen said thoughtfully.

On the way home, Nan Zhi's car passed by a large puddle of water at the side, splashing a wave of dirty water on Nan Qiao's body.

Furious, Nan Qiao grabbed a rock from the ground and threw it at the car.

Sitting on a chair by the road, Nan Qiao stared at the sky. She didn't seem to have anywhere else to go. She didn't want to go back to that depressing home.

While she was in a daze, Nan Qiao felt as if a familiar figure had walked past her.

Before she could come back to her senses and take a closer look, she realized that the person was actually Huo Yichen!

What was Huo Yichen doing at this time?

Since she had nowhere to go, Nan Qiao quickly followed him to the entrance of a coffee shop. Nan Qiao watched Huo Yichen enter and come out after a while. He'd changed his clothes and wore an apron.

So this was where Huo Yichen worked part-time.

Nan Qiao was deep in thought. She should find a part-time job too. At this rate, it was impossible for her to ask Nan Kang for money.

After thinking it through, Nan Qiao stepped into the cafe.

"Boss, are you still hiring part-time students? I can do anything."

The boss sized her up. She was a delicate girl. Although she was good-looking, she did not look like she knew how to work.

"Waiter, please clean up this place," a customer called out.

Nan Qiao pulled out a handkerchief and left. Although she was not wearing the shop's uniform, she was diligent and willing to work.

Seeing this, the boss was relieved. When Nan Qiao came back with the cup, he said, "Continue working. I'll give you 100 yuan a day with dinner included."

"Thank you, boss!"

Nan Qiao was overjoyed and worked even harder.

When Huo Yichen saw Nan Qiao's figure appear here, his eyes couldn't help but project an obvious ruthlessness.

This person had actually followed him here. What exactly did she want?

Huo Yichen would never take the initiative to talk to Nan Qiao. He would only wait for Nan Qiao to come and talk to him. Surprisingly, Nan Qiao did not speak to him for four hours.

However, the girl looked up at night after work. Under the dim light, her sparkling eyes were like stars. "Huo Yichen, be careful on the way home. Good night."

The girl received today's hundred yuan and skipped home without waiting for the other party's reply.

Huo Yichen's eyebrows gradually lowered. He nodded and his eyes darkened. After a moment of hesitation, he turned around and left.

It was already very late when Nan Qiao got home. According to the family's habits, everyone had already gone to bed, but today was different. Someone was actually still waiting for her.

When Nan Kang saw that Nan Qiao had just returned home, his anger rose, and his tone gradually became angry. "Did you smash Zhi Zhi's car with a rock?"