43 Relocation

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Song Yao sighed. "There's no need. I just came specially to see you."

Han Pei's lips twitched. "What's there to see? On the other hand, you must be tired from selling goods."

"I'm not tired." Song Yao smiled and said to Han Pei, "Actually… you can consider getting a divorce."

"Forget it!" Han Pei panicked when she heard this. "I don't have a family to go to! Unlike you…"

After saying that, Han Pei revealed an envious gaze.

Song Yao wanted to say something to Han Pei, but she realized that it was almost one o'clock!

Forget it. There was no hurry to persuade Han Pei to get a divorce. Song Yao stood up and said, "I won't talk to you anymore. I'll go to the village committee first! I still have to go to the state-owned restaurant later!"

Han Pei put on her apron. "Take care! I won't send you off!"


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