After Buying Marvel, I Became the King of Hollywood

【American Entertainment】【Marvel】【Uchiha shisui】 A third-rate director in his previous life, he was reborn as a 23-year-old talented director in the United States in the 1990s. Since then, titles such as the king of the Hollywood box office, the world’s greatest director, the major shareholder of MGM, and the behind-the-scenes boss of Marvel have all been added to him. And his first movie, he chose Chainsaw… Well, it’s a story about a modern third-rate director who crossed over to the American entertainment industry to stir up trouble. … ●●●● {T/N}:This is a fictional world so any resemblance from name to event are purely coincidencial. I wrote this because I can see the author of this book has a tendency for discrimination, so take it as a parallel fictional world. [T/N]: if you enjoy this translation pls don't forget to give us a power stone, or maybe something more. and don't forget to follow my other work tnx.

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Chapter 15

Of course, although Kevin is an American now, he doesn't care about the lives of these people. What he cares about is what he can get from this riot.

In essence, this riot is actually a catharsis of black people's dissatisfaction with their status in the United States.

But Kevin can take advantage of this emotion and create a film that lets black people vent their emotions.

Only Kevin knows how powerful these black buddies can be in the cinema in the future. The Black Panther movie and the Oscars are the best proofs.

Taking this opportunity, Kevin was even able to cast himself as an egalitarian, an invincible label.

Thinking of this, Kevin thought of another joke. In the future, a black disabled man who is a transgender, gay, animal protection, environmentalist, can walk sideways anywhere in the United States.

In the future, political correctness will reach a point of paranoia and even perversion, and it seems a good choice to label it in advance.

With this thought, the movie he was planning to shoot in his mind was instantly abandoned by him, and replaced by another movie.

[Escape from Deadly Town]

The plot of escaping from the town is very simple. In a small town, people have mastered a special ability to plunder the body of black people. This ability can give the people in the town an immortal lifespan.

And the white woman Ruth is the bait for the strong black man who is looking for the town.

The protagonist, black Chris, discovered the conspiracy by accident and escaped from Breaking Town.

The story is very simple, but it exaggerates the way white people harm black people to an incredible sci-fi level.

Of course, for Kevin, the biggest significance is that this movie can stimulate the black buddy's G-spot to the greatest extent.

As long as you can think of it, as long as it is matched with appropriate publicity, it can completely arouse the enthusiasm of black people and get an explosive box office.

You can even win prizes.

That's right, that's where Kevin chose this film as well.

The right time and place are in his hands, and with the right PR, it is not impossible for him to win the Oscar.

Of course, not necessarily the best director.

But the best film has a very high possibility. After all, at such a special time, Hollywood has to do something to appease the anger of black people…

Thinking of this, Kevin finally settled on his next movie.


Julie raised her head to express her confusion at Kevin's sudden call. The next moment, her lips were blocked by Kevin's mouth.

Julie was also very cooperative, and the two soon became intimate.


A few days later, Kevin came to New Line Cinema with a follow-up script for Chainsaw, including detailed instructions for storyboards.

The two parties reached a deal on copyright.

Subsequently, 31 million dollars of income entered his account, after deducting CAA's 1.55 million dollars and Kevin's own early withdrawal of 100,000 dollars, a total of more than 29 million dollars A huge amount of dollars hit his account.

"Kevin, don't forget to pay taxes. In the United States, only death and taxes are impossible to escape."

Dean joked and reminded.

"Of course, you can spend it early."

Kevin nodded.

He is well aware of US taxation.

In theory, if his money is not used before April 15th next year, it is not too much to deduct 60% of various taxes.

In developed countries such as the United States, the reason why welfare is so high is that high taxes and fees are naturally an indispensable factor.

Of course, tax avoidance is also an eternal topic of wealthy Americans.

Chapter 24 Buying a House

Walking out of the New Line Film Company, Kevin came directly to the CAA building.

After Dawson had already received the transfer, he was waiting for him in the building.

After the meeting, Kevin said seriously:

"Dawson, help me register a film company and take the road of independent production."

Dawson nodded, and Kevin talked to him about his purpose.

First of all, it is natural to file a tax return. When filing a tax return in the name of a company, the tax is much lower than that of an individual. Of course, this is for the rich.

Secondly, Kevin does not want to be a director who only gets paid, he wants to be an investor.

A director who continuously produces successful works is a huge resource in itself. It would be too wasteful to simply make money for others.

"The name is Chenxi Films, and the trademark is the ray of morning light that comes out after the sun comes out. For this, you can help find an art company to design it well."

Based on Kevin's memory of the future, it is not impossible to develop this company into the top five. One should still have dreams.

As for the CEO…

And the specific company structure, Kevin is not in a hurry, although he is currently in the limelight in Hollywood.

However, until he has achieved continuous success, no one can determine whether he is a shooting star or not. If he is openly recruited now, there is no way to attract real talents.

For the time being, it's just an empty shell, and it's enough to be able to participate in the plan for your next movie.

After instructing Dawson to work, Kevin returned directly to the hotel.

"Julie, shall we go see the house?"

"it is good."

Julie seemed to be a bit of a mistress at this time, but unfortunately she didn't know that Kevin was unmarried.

As a rich man, marriage can't restrain him, but it may kill him.

Nicolas Cage and many other celebrities have gotten themselves into debt because of their marriage, and Kevin didn't want to suffer that.

Of course, Kevin won't treat Julie badly either.

My own movie must give priority to using my own people. For example, this escape from the deadly town requires a **** white actress who can fully reflect the devilish attributes of the heroine.

The femme fatale attribute is exactly what Kevin wanted.

The two soon came to the vicinity of Beverly Hills.

Kevin was not planning to buy a house now, but after carefully combing his memory, he found out that the next economic crisis will come in 2007.

In other words, there are still 16 years from now, and now we are in the recovery period of the economic crisis, which means that buying real estate now is actually the most cost-effective time.

That being the case, he has nothing to consider.

To know that there will be riots in Los Angeles next year, the safest place in Los Angeles is probably Beverly Hills.

No way, I am afraid that in the world only the United States arranges the specific number of police officers according to the tax amount.

As a major taxpayer, Beverly Hills naturally enjoys the greatest protection from the police.

At least here, Kevin doesn't have to worry about being forced by a black man with a knife into the alley to rob and kill while walking on the road.

Black people walk in this community, I am afraid they will face the treatment of the police three-step inspection, and this is undoubtedly what Kevin is willing to see.

After turning around for a while, Kevin realized what a sense of security is.

In half an hour, Kevin saw three police cars passing by, but it seemed that because he and Julie were both white, plus handsome men and beautiful women, they didn't look like some unknown people.

The police did not step forward to question them, but just looked at them, smiled and left.

Kevin didn't care either, and after finding a real estate agent with Julie, he went straight in.

As soon as he entered the house, a bald middle-aged man leaned over.

"Hello, what do you need? Buy a house or rent a house?"

There was a little flattering smile on the face of the middle-aged man, and everyone who dared to find a real estate agent in Beverly Hills was rich.

Even if the commission is reduced to a minimum, it is enough for him to make a lot of money.

"Buy a house!"

Kevin is decisive.

The middle-aged man Lit suddenly looked happy and said quickly.

"Come with me!"

Kevin and Julie followed behind him, heading towards the interior of the house.

A full-scale 3D model of Beverly Hills appeared in front of them, looking at Kevin and Julie's somewhat surprised eyes, Lit couldn't help but feel a little proud.

If you want to stand out in a high-end real estate agency like Beverly Hills, you must have your own advantages, and this 3D model he made at a great price is his advantage.

Whether the house is good or bad can be seen in his models.

Choose first, and then consider it on the spot. Basically, you can close the deal. After all, there are not many people who want to buy a house in Beverly Hills.

If you have this idea, you will naturally have this strength.

Only the quality of the house determines their desire to buy.

With a little pride, Little explained:

"This gentleman, look at this house, it is the property of Hollywood star Nicolas Cage. Next to him, this house is still vacant, and the owner intends to sell it."

"This house type…"

Following his introduction, Kevin also observed one by one.

It has to be said that it is indeed a real estate prepared for the rich, with several bathrooms and several bedrooms, as well as a swimming pool, garden, and a little forest.

Impressive at first sight.

Living in such a house will naturally make you feel happy.

The neighbors are either rich, business elites, or some big stars, and Tom Cruise's house is also here.

All of this made Kevin make up his mind to buy, buy, buy.

If he does not buy at this low price, he will have to pay a lot of money after the financial crisis.

And the tax comes first. If he doesn't spend it, he will wait to hand over most of his wealth directly to the tax bureau, in order to prevent this situation from happening.

All he has to do now is spend big.

"Just this building, take us to see it."

Lit suppressed the excitement in his heart, and Kevin was referring to the expensive villa next to Tom Cruise and Nicklas Kevin as mentioned at the beginning.

The shape is a small two-storey villa with a smooth roof.

The price is as high as more than 6 million US dollars, which is really not affordable for ordinary people.

Lit diligently led the two to the door, and there was a Lincoln parked next to the door, which was a luxury car in the eyes of Americans, costing more than one hundred thousand dollars.

Obviously, Li Te's net worth is also quite low.

But it's also normal. It's not surprising to be able to do business in Beverly Hills, and if you keep doing it, you will have a net worth of millions of dollars.

After closing the door of the store, Lit led the two into the car and drove directly to the place where the villa was.

Chapter 25 The Mansion in Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, there are two kinds of houses, one is called the existence of townhouses in the future.

Of course, according to Japanese parlance, it is called a household building.

According to a fixed plan, there are villas that are united on both sides of the road. The price of this kind of villa is not low, but it is obviously not comparable to the villa on the side of the mountain.

Most of the people who live there are executives or some small bosses.

They value the safety of Beverly Hills and choose to buy real estate here.

Living in such a community can guarantee your own safety to the greatest extent possible.

Los Angeles in 1991 was obviously quite unsafe, although it may not be that safe in the future.

The car drove exceptionally smooth on the asphalt paved road, and Kevin and Julie enjoyed the scenery on both sides and were instantly relaxed.

This is the happiness that rich people can experience.