1 Mr. Song, You Will Die Soon

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"Mr. Song, I have something to tell you."

The weather was great that day.

Accompanied by bodyguards, Song Yanqing completed the routine checkup.

In a long slim gray trench coat over a tailored suit, he walked through the crowd.

For a patient who had come to the hospital for an examination, his clothes were too formal.

Moreover, under the scorching sun, the clothes he wore seemed far too heavy, and people wondered how he could tolerate so many layers.

However, people would never say such a thing once they saw his face.

His attire further accentuated his already-perfect long and slender figure, and even runway models would pale in comparison.

That was not to mention his suave aura!

He was a naturally cold man. Even in the summer heat, his body temperature was several degrees lower than average, so he wore much heavier clothing than normal people.

These medical examinations were even more common for him.

In addition, he rarely appeared in front of the general public. Even if he was seen, if it hadn't been for the fact that he let out a low, rumbling cough from time to time, no one would know that this person was actually in extremely poor health.

At that moment, Song Yanqing heard someone shout.

People seldom had the courage to call out to him. It wasn't because of anything about him personally, but rather because of his distinguished status and ill-fated destiny. The Song family regarded him as its lifeblood. His bodyguard refused to let other people approach Song Yanqing, even if it was just to have a normal conversation.

Therefore, this shout was especially jarring.

They were in the VIP hall of the hospital so they wouldn't run into anyone when they left the place. Apart from doctors and nurses, there were only a few people around.

Song Yanqing turned his head. His thin, sharp eyebrows appeared placid because of his ghastly state of health, but his tranquil countenance further accentuated his elegant aura and dashing looks.

Despite his fragile health, there were still a lot of people who wanted to approach him. Just saying a word to him made them feel happy.

"Young master." The bodyguard immediately frowned and shielded Song Yanqing.

They saw it was a girl with a slightly emaciated body, a delicate-featured face, and bright almond-shaped eyes. She was wearing a hospital gown.

She looked like the kind of girl who appeared especially lovable when she laughed.

This gave him the strong desire to touch her face.

Song Yanqing didn't recognize her.

The bodyguard seemed to know the girl's identity. "You're the Mu family's newly-adopted daughter."

Song Yanqing narrowed his eyes a little, as if he had heard of such a thing, but he didn't appear to have any interest.

Even the Mu family's dignified young masters couldn't approach Song Yanqing, let alone an adoptive daughter.

Just as they were about to walk away, they heard the girl speak. She smiled.

"Mr. Song, I see that you are ill-fated, and I'm afraid you will die soon."

Her words were incredibly infuriating.

Everyone knew that Song Yanqing was in fragile health, but no one had ever dared to say that to him in person.

If her words had been heard by one of the elders of the Song family, the girl probably wouldn't have lived to see another day.

"What are you talking about?! Say it again, if you have the balls!" blurted out the bodyguard next to Song Yanqing. He was tall and broad, yet still a head shorter than Song Yanqing.

With his fiery temper, it seemed as if he wanted to kill the girl right there on the spot.

The other bodyguards didn't stop him and all glared at the girl.

Under these circumstances, Song Yanqing seemed much calmer in contrast.

When the girl spoke, he hadn't even moved his eyebrows.

Instead, he said flatly, "That's so cliché."

His voice was as mellifluous as a harp, elegant and mellow, and his speech was so slow and steady that it could calm one's nerves.

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