Adam: The Vagabond
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Adam: The Vagabond


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What is Adam: The Vagabond

Read Adam: The Vagabond novel written by the author King_Noran on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, mystery, superpowers, dark, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Author's Note: I will be posting this on royalroad.com] As an adopted child, Adam was different from his siblings. Despite this, he wasn't isolated and his foster parents treated him no differently than they would with their own child. It was a warm and loving family. A family destroyed by a mysterious explosion that decimated their entire town. Thankfully, he and his 'twin sister' survived the tragedy. However, at sunrise she vanished. Where did she go? No, the question is not right for she would never leave his side. Who took her? And where is she? Bearing the guilt and sorrow of losing her, he roams Azaquell in search of what he has lost. ____________________________ The art in the book cover is not mine, but belongs to "RainNoir", an artist who makes aesthetic art. I actually love his style for, well, obvious reasons I mean just look at it. Adam's appearance is actually inspired by Chrollo Lucilfer (with some of my own calibrations), a character in HxH and Mister RainNoir here drew him beautifully. To the creator, if you don't like me using this art please contact me on discord (Ken Ken#2675) so I can take it down.


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Author here, Just wanna let the viewers know that I minimalized the use of {brackets} due to complaints about it. Thank you so much for your insights. Please, do not hesitate to point more things out. As the author, it's my duty to give you all the best experience. Leave a review or a paragraph comment. Don't worry if I don't reply, I read them! Much love.


Delightful use of words that was very playful to read. It mesmerized my tongue as I have read it. Detailed imagery that captivates one's mind and soul. I believe with more chapters, this will become big for sure. The author was an excellent writer by far and how much more when he grows and learn more. I would say, outstanding! Now fellow readers, mark my words. This will get its praise in due time. I say we win this thing and bring home the bacon!


The story draws me towards the journey of fantasy that tingles my ears of interest. I could see a masterpiece of another Lord of the Rings? Definitely worth the read! Highly recommended. Job well done author ! 👍👍👍


Hi! It was a very good read full of suspense and action however the character development was a little bit unclear and the introduction of the characters was also a little late. However, the vocabulary and writing quality is very nice!


This story is fairly good. The character development is impressive, and the building of words? Amazing. Great work. But there is one thing-the readatibility. I noticed that the story gets hard to understand from time to time. Not recommended for someone under 13. And sometimes the world background gets a bit confusing. Apart from this, good job. Keep up.


A wonderful novel with a great setting and characters. It has a nice build-up of excitement and good pacing. Great job! I hope to read more chapters.


Interesting one and worth the time to read. good job author! Characters are somewhat relating and words are used wisely. It will inspire you as well.


Nice synopsis and clear writing, very simple and good to read... 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭


The writing quality is amazing. I was drawn to the novel from the first chapter itself! I like the plot and the writing style. The character development is good too. I would recommend it! Keep up with the good work!


Story is good enough. The plot is Awesome too. keep it up, author. You are doing Great job. It was very intresting novel. Keep working harder!👍👍


The author is very talented, the way information is introduced isn't in a boring manner, it's in a manner in which you just want to read more and more and more. This is a must-read novel!


I'm giving you a 10/10💛 The first chapter already drew my attention and I have to say it's an amazing book. Writing quality is 😍🔥♥️ Keep up the good work dear author ✍️


This clearly shows the world-building in the first chapter itself. In the beginning, the story might confuse you. But, overall writing slowly define everything. This story shows great potential for growth. I do like how the paragraphs are sometimes more sparse as they elicit a sort of mystery when the sentences are left hanging.


Reveal spoiler


I am impressed by the standard of English writing in the novel. It clearly shows the world-building in the first chapter itself. And we can see MC has to face multiple trials to solve the mysteries behind his unknown background. With a well-outlined plot and interesting characters, this novel is a must-read.


This is surely have a good setting plot of fantasy world. I might said the beginning of the story might confuse you. But, overal writing slowly define everything. 👍👍👍👍


This story shows great potential for growth. I do like how the paragraphs are sometimes more sparse as they elicit a sort of mystery when the sentences are left hanging. I was glad to see that some of the actual sounds are replaced by onomatopoeia in the later chapters but maybe try not to utilise them so much as although they are great tools to have in writing, some of the magic effects will be lost when used superfluously. The world-building is great and is the best part of the novel.


Writing Quality: Awesome, can't write better myself. Stability of Updates: Pretty stable. Story Development: Going good. Character Design: Needs a bit improvement but still intriguing. World Background: The best part the author established. Overall, great job author! Keep on going and I highly recommend this book to every reader!


This story, is a masterpiece. There are some misuse of metaphors, phrasing, and punctuation, but overall the story made sense and flowed beautifully. One of my favourite parts was the beginning with the simile, making the comparison between aphrodite - and what I assumed to be - a flower called evelyn.


I don't know why people saying character development is unclear or bad or something, its solid to me. His metaphors are a bit, yk, much. "Her eyes mirror of Kaguya, the brightest moon" Was so good, and i didn't know blood-red moon meant Akatsuki, i thought it was Tsukuyomi. Well except for all that, world-building is also solid, character interactions are also good but could use a bit of improvement


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