Accelerator Reincarnated in Another WorldAccelerator Reincarnated in Another World

Accelerator Reincarnated in Another World

by Eruam

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Accelerator found himself in another world with Memories of Two person. Seeing that he was Reincarnated in this World for no Reason. "Might as well went with my Original goal." To gain absolute power but surely is this what he only wants? --- WARNING: 1) BY THE WAY THERE WILL BE NO HAREM. 2) This isn't a fanfic all about making girls fall in love with the MC. 3) Also this will include World Travel. 4) The Fanfic will focus more on Action. If you want a Harem Fanfic there's ton of it out there. --- DISCLAIMER: The Characters used in the Fanfic is owned by their respective owners.

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