22 Chapter 22

It's been two days since those creepy texts and each day the numbers drop. I've been very cautious and scared. I'm always looking over my shoulder in fear of something bad happening. I stick to either Xavier's or Damien's side. I think they have noticed my new behavior but haven't said anything about it.

I'm grateful for that because I don't want to tell them and it is nothing. Anyways right now I'm sitting in the bedroom. I hear the sound of the door closing and see that Xavier is right there.

"Get dressed in something casual, we're taking you out." He then just walks out.

I wonder where they're taking me. Not wanting to sit there wondering where I'm going I get up and get dressed. After I got dressed I started to think if I should bring my phone or not. I decided not to as I don't want those creepy texts to get in my way of having a good time.

I walk out of the room and down the stairs to see both brothers sitting on the couch waiting for me. I want to see how long it takes for them to notice me so I just stand at the bottom of the stairs.

I stand there for like 30 seconds before they look up. To me that was fast as it would have taken me a long time before I would be able to notice someone there. Xavier of course was the first one to lift his head first though. Once he noticed me he tapped Damien for him to look up.

Now I have both of their eyes on me. I didn't think it would be this awkward when they both look at me. I started to squirm from the looks they were both giving me. Soon they both snapped out of it though.

They both started to approach me. Soon enough I'm being towered by both these giants. "I must say look hot in this outfit, darling. Even though anything you wear, you look great in it." Of course Damien said this.

"I must agree with my brother in that statement." I can just feel them eye raping me. They have no shame with just looking at a female like a piece of meat.

"So where are we going?" I asked, hoping to change the subject. It worked of course but not really in my favor.

"That's for us to know and you to find out, little one." Xavier whispered this in my ear now. This made me hot down below of course. You can't really blame me, like imagine someone with a deep and husky voice whispering this to you. Right you'll have the same response as me.

We finally walked out of the house and into the car. I of course didn't take my eyes off of the outside hoping to receive a hint on where they're taking me. I got nothing from the outdoors.

The only thing I'm seeing at the moment is plains. Which is weird since I believe we aren't that far from the city. Soon enough we stop and all I see is grass.

And I mean only grass, grass for days, nothing else in sight but grass. I look at them like they're crazy. Do they not see what I see at the moment?

They get out of the car and I follow wanting to know why we're here. I see them bring something out of the trunk and see a basket. Like a picnic basket. That actually makes since, how come I didn't think of that?

They step over the short fence, which is only short for them, and lay the blanket on the grass. Of course I had to climb over the fence a little. I see them looking at me with amusement after seeing me having to struggle getting over the fence.

I walked over to them a little embarrassed about having to climb over a fence they had no trouble with. I sit on the blanket refusing to look at them at the moment. Of course that didn't work as one of them grabbed my chin forcing me to look at them.

"Don't look down. We like to see your little red face," Damien said this to me. That made my red face even worse. This time I couldn't look down as Xavier was still holding my chin.

Soon they started to pull the items out of the basket and so far I'm loving what I am seeing. There were sandwiches, strawberry shortcake, drinks, chips, grapes, salad and more.

Once they're done with pulling things out the basket, we slowly start to eat.

~Time Skip brought to you by my stuffed bunny~

"I'm so full, I don't think I can eat another bite." I say this while still trying to eat it. What, it's too good to waste.

They chuckle at me and finally I give up on trying. I lay back on the blanket just looking up at the sky. The sky looks so beautiful right now. The sun is slowly setting and it's making this beautiful color at the moment.

Soon enough I feel two warm bodies next to mine. I just relax in the moment loving the feeling of this surreal moment. It kind of feels like I'm in a dream that I never want to get out of.

"Why did you guys do this for me?" I seriously wonder what the point of this was for.

"We've noticed your change in behavior and wanted for you to relax. We would like for you to tell us why you're acting like this but you can tell us when you're ready. Just know that we are here for you and we do care for you." What made this moment so better was that Xavier was the one to say this.

"Thank you and I promise to tell you guys when I'm ready." My eyes then start to droop. I cuddle closer into Xavier and start to sleep. Before I fall asleep I feel two lips on my forehead. I wonder why Xavier is having such a change in heart.