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Abandoned Empress, Alternative Ending


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Many like the story 'Abandoned Empress'. However the most didn't like tu he ending. Some share the idea that Tia was supposed to end with Sein or Allen. I write this fanfiction for those who rhink that Tia and Sein should've ended together. As such this Fanfiction will be based on the comic. Some details from the comic and novel are changed. I haven't read all of the novel. Thus the Fanfiction is based on the comic. I hope many will Enjoy. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN the ORIGINAL novel or comic. I thought I needed the original owner's permission first but as I saw other Fanfictions that didn't ask for permission I decided to write one as well. I also DON'T OWN the artwork of the cover. I found it on Google. I don't will continue to update the story for a couple of months-years. I will also like to read suggestions on what people would like to see and create a chapter that includes that. More about this will be in the first chapter. I will also make the chapters a bit long. From 15-30 pages. And I will post at least 3 volumes before ending the story. After the official ending I will write a volume on what happens after the ending(mainly on them and their children). I will write other Fanfictions with Alternative endings for other stories. Don't forget I am always open for suggestions. But don't worry I will give everyone credit at the end of the chapter If I used their suggestions. If I forget to give you credit contact me by posting a chapter comment on the chapter that I used your suggestion in so That I can update it. Finally I hope you enjoy it and read other Fanfictions that I will write. I will also write ORIGINAL novels that I've thought of. Thus updates may be late.


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