A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love
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A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love


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What is A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love

A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love is a popular web novel written by the author bibiyenini, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, R18, TRANSMIGRATION, FANTASYROMANCE, HATETOLOVE, HISTORYROMANCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 38.1K readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 26 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"When Chinese New Year happens, that's the only time I get to see him." - AX Althea Xi, an orphan and a freelance article writer in most Shanghai mainland broadcasting and newspaper companies wanted to become a famous top author in China through an international competition that will end before the new year of 2023. She came up with the decision to use the 'The Legend of the Cursed Dragon' as her setting for her work, in which her deceased grandmother always told her when it was nighttime when she was just a kid. But fate turned the tables around when she has been disqualified from the competition as soon as she used the prohibited folklore. She used that opportunity to abandon the story that was etched through her mind for a long time by throwing the bejeweled box that she was forbidden to open to the Yangtze River. Her deceased grandmother had been guarding it since her teenage years, and she knew that the box and the legend had been bringing her a stroke of bad luck all throughout her life. But before she could even leave the river, she accidentally tripped through rocks and fell down on the deep waters. She swam upwards with all her might, but little did she know, she was being transported through the year 1904, where a Chinese New Year celebration was happening on the side of the river. --------------------------- A LITTLE EXCERPT: "I exude a powerful charm I never imagined that would save you." "It was because of the power of love we have on each other." He then claimed her lips in the middle of the rain while the rivers of the Yangtze River were evident. He held onto her waist after a while. And she scraped her fingernails on his hair. They both love each other, they both do. ---------------------------- DISCLAIMER: The characters portrayed in this drama are fictitious. Organizations, names, places, and situations are based on imagination. The story used Chinese New Year as a reference for the Chinese New Year contest, and no distortion of historical resources had been made. Only the parallels of the worlds had been used, and the reality of Chinese mythology had been inked through this novel. The cover's background rights reserved through Pinterest artworks. The text is made through the Canva website by the dear author.


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Quite a good mix of folklore and contemporary literature.. flashbacks were written in such good timing that readers might feel they were transported back and forth through the centuries of the oriental landscape. I can almost perceive the pain Althea, the story's protagonist, felt as her world suddenly went upside down.. it was as if the cursed legend cursed her fortunes. Great job, author! Keep the chapters coming[img=recommend]


First things first, reading the initial chapter made me think of my grandmother, hehe. The plot is refreshing and the writing quality is superb. I felt like I was watching a movie instead of merely reading, the scene unfolding before me. I think I have fallen in love with this book. I'm looking forward to what happens next :D Great job author-nim <3 If you have yet to read this, I say, read it!


good start. keep it up. only few chapters out so can't say a lot yet. but it's a good start. it has good sentence flow and only few things to nitpick. this is also a 3rd person POV like what I want. I'm not really into first person POV. so plus point for that. hope you continue your upload.


The plot is very intriguing . . . like, considering how I'm not a very huge fan of solely-romance books, it really does have that certain charm to it. Or actually, it's not solely-romance. Maybe part of why I found it intersting is because of how there's a certain twist to the character's story-- but still, interesting, yep!


An interesting plot that would make you try to guess what would be the outcome of the story! Although, it isn't complete yet.. I know that this would be a successful book. I'm really hoping to find the ending a great one author. :)


Wow! A special book that must be read. Highly recommended because of the great storyline. Few chapters but it doesn't affect the quality of this book. Job well done, Author.


what can i say? the writing is superb and the story telling is a wonderful piece of art. five stars for this beautiful novel. kudos to the author and keep it up!


oh wow 🥺 the writing is so so so good. I'm jealous! I really liked how you described things and how the chapters flow. I am definitely gonna continue reading this!


It's good! keep up the good work! I always like stories about traveling through time or space. Reincarnation, Remigration, everything about then is a cure to my hungry soul. π÷π


Holi Shit!!!! What is this? A transmigration story with a unique twist! Dear Author please post more and more chapters.... I ammaaa gonna take a ride to 20th century Chinaaaaa💟


OMG!🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭 My heart fell when he was describing the elderly lady. How much it must sick to get old. the author for such a good job at portraying that. NOT TO MENTION THE INCIDENT AFTER... if only the king had been nicer maybe that would not have happened keep up the great work ☺️👍


Transporting the character back from the past could be a truly great concept of a story. In spite of the fact that it may be cliche, but for this particular novel, particularly when it includes mythical serpents! The depiction of activities were moreover very point by point. I moreover enjoyed the subject of the story in common. Awesome work creator!


i really like the prologue it makes you feel nostalgic for a memory you don't even have! only a few chapters are up so I cannot judge the plot but the writeup so far is very interesting and I would love to read more!


Aye aye! I really enjoyed reading this! :D Firstly, the writing is amazing! :D I don't think I found an error hehe! The author is truly talented in writingg <3 I like the way the author describes the scenes. I could imagine some of them vividly in my head, enhancing my immersion in reading this hehe! I absolutely love the beginning too! :D Me is a sucker for a flashback storytelling, and I have a HUGE soft spot for elderly so-- And the great thing isss, every chapter starts with a beautiful poem! :D Isn't that just so amazing :D As for the character, absolutely great! :D I'll try to steer clear from spoilers hehe There are only 3 chaps, but that alone was enough to make me feeeeel for the charassss :'D Like one moment I like him, and the next I don't, and the next I'm just hoping they will meet and she will change his life aaaa---- If that isn't brilliant chara design then idk what is lol The world-building is already amazing hehe! Me don't know much yet bc it's still chap 3, but so far it's well-thought-out! :D Great jobbb, bibiiii <3


It's beginning to be one of the most exciting books to read. The quality is top-notch with flawless story pace and amazing details. More chapters, please!


Man, I always get so surprised with such high quality writing. The imagery is so vivid, I loved it. I always end up envious and wishing that I had such ability to describe the scenes in such detail. There are a few places here and there where the tense keeps changing but the story development trumps it all. Keep up the good work author, I would love to know more!


That was a good start! Two chapters but the story looks promising and full of potential 🔥 Grammar wise I didn't find any issue and writing was fluid. Waiting for more chapters to see the story unfold 🤗 Good luck author! keep it up❤️❤️


I loved the synopsis.... very refreshing.... very wow... keep up the good work and keep updating coz i feel like this story has so much to say...good job


A very early review however I am damn sure that the author is going to write another great story just Like the Ten Darkest Secrets. [img=update][img=update]


Transporting the character back from the past is a really good concept of a story. Although it may be cliche, but for this specific novel, especially when it involves dragons! I am not familiar with the chinese cultures, but I do have interest on learning these information. It's really fun reading this story, and I invite fellow readers to read this fantasy romance~


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