A Story That Holds Us Together Book

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A Story That Holds Us Together


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"Everybody says writers create stories..... but I don't believe that. I believe writers have their own stories which help them to become actual writers," Annabelle spelled those words fearlessly. There was nothing that could stop her to move forward, to stop her to make her own story. Anna threw the microphone she was holding and came down from the stage just to find her story, that guy who was standing backstage with his eyes fixed on her. Yes, he was her story. Then again, he is the only man she can ever make a story with. A story that is she obsessed with all along. He kissed her passionately and whispered to her, "Let's make a story that holds us together, my love." A crashed princess and an unknown prince charming fell in love with each other so madly, that's how their love story worked! *** *** *** *** "If I say it was a love at first sight, what would you do?" "I will just reject you," she answered calmly. Kiera has given up on love. She promised that she is never going to fall in love. But the irresistible guy just came into her life forcefully as he fell in love with her from the moment his eyes fell upon her. She was nonchalant and on the other hand, he was persistent. She can't fall in love with him but she still can't resist seeing him with any other woman. Can they also make a story? A story that can also hold them together? - - - - - - - - So? What if I say all of this is just a delusion? A delusion that I am forcing you, people, to think? Who knows if it is true or not? Only the end can define its ending. Let's stick to the end together? Shall we? ________________________ *Daily Uploads* *Female Leading* *R-18* *Readers should read it at their own risk* I am not gonna take responsibility for them! #Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/jEgFATUvwN #Personal IG: nimbu420


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