A Song For Autumn Book

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A Song For Autumn


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[MATURE CONTENT] Autumn Archer believes that music is the only thing her life has room for at the moment but this perspective changes after her encounter with the talented, dashing and famous River Crowns who is also coincidentally her idol. River gives her an offer she can't refuse. This offer requires them to be around eachother a whole lot. River Crowns would never be caught dead during two things. The first was falling in love. This caught the press's attention a whole lot of times due to the fact that the star never remained in a relationship more than 3 months at the least. The second thing was acting on impulse. He planned everything ahead and when he couldn't, his PA took up the chore. All this changed the second he met her. At first, Autumn believes that the thing which pulls her to the star is his mind-blowing musical talent and River constantly denies his attraction to her claiming she's not his type but as they embark on their journey, she realises that her pull to him might be more than what she believes and River finds another reason to live and he swears never to let go. A tale of discovery, talent, ambition, love and lust with a touch of music entwined in the mix.


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