A Nascent Kaleidoscope.

An experiment gone wrong, or possibly right? A Nascent Kaleidoscope opens his eyes. A reincarnated Zelretch story. Previous Fate-series knowledge recommended. A Fate/DxD/Multi Crossover. In Light of the horrendous new update, know that I do cross post on Fan Fiction dot Net. *** My patreon if you want to support me: Patron.com/AStoryForOne Discord -- https://discord.gg/JbwkdNDt7F

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Chapter 360

The hot spring was magnificent.

It had been awhile since I've used one, and they were always so relaxing. The pleasantly hot water simmering against my skin was soothing. Not to mention there was something a little special about this one. I'm fairly sure there was a rejuvenation effect embedded in this water. Both for stamina and any lesser injuries, if I had to guess.

Normally, I'd be all over trying to figure it out, but even my need to know things could be dissuaded when I was so comfortable.

Really, it just seemed to eat away at any accumulated stress. If I wasn't a Campione with absurd Magical Resistance, I would be sure that this thing was affecting me.

"How's the water?" Izzy sauntered up.

I peeked out with one eye, but both of them immediately shot open. She was wearing nothing but a towel to cover herself, and it didn't leave much to the imagination. Specifically, my eyes were drawn towards her wide hips and down to her long legs.

She has always been utterly beautiful, but I've simply never seen so much of her before.

"It's considered rude to stare at other people in a shared hot spring." She stated, making me regain my wits. However, there was the slightest pink hue on her cheeks as she gracefully slid down, her feet touching the water.

You make it hard not to stare.

"Water's great." I coughed awkwardly, turning my head, though I still sent a glance her way.

She smiled in amusement. Slowly, she slid down into the water, pulling the tower away and covering her chest with her arm. With a small splash, she completely submerged herself up to her neck, relaxing immediately under the steamy water. "Oh this is pleasant."

"Isn't it?" I let out a content sigh.

"It almost makes me not want to rip away my land from underneath these Shinigami." She smiled happily. "Almost."

"Still on the fence about that?"

"At the very least, I will make my displeasure known before we leave. If they do not clean up this mess, then I will have no qualms about fixing things myself."

"That sounds ominous."

"It was supposed to." She snorted. "What are those?" She pushed herself through the water towards me. I kind of missed her question because she sat up straighter, and her chest was barely covered by the water.

I felt the touch of her finger on my chest as she poked at me. "...are you staring at my chest?"


She flicked my nose with a little huff. "Ogle my boobs later. "

"Will do."

"Tell me why you have this nasty scar." She added an eye roll before tracing the scar on my chest.

I looked down at it. "I told you before, that's when I got stabbed by a light sword."

"I didn't even think about how it affected you." She pressed onto it. "Even if it wasn't notable when you were younger, you are a Half-Devil. One of the church's light swords should have…." Her hand reeled back.

"I thought about it before. It was almost the moment that everything happened. The moment when my Circuits ignited for the first time, the moment my Demonic Power, as miniscule as it is, bubbled to the surface. The first time my Devil Biology was pressured in any meaningful way. The best answer I can give is that with everything suddenly bursting to the surface, the invading Holy Energy was expelled and the sudden jolt vitalized my body to speed my natural healing for a brief moment before returning to 'normal'." Maybe an additional surge of Magical Energy by unconsciously pulling on the Kaleidoscope as well. I did teleport myself by accident back home during the whole mess, so that's also plausible. "I guess I was lucky."

"It annoys me that you came so close to death and survived due to luck."

"My luck has always been pretty good. I was lucky that Meridia didn't smite me when I asked her to be mine. I was lucky that Scáthach accepted me as a student. I was lucky that I met an amazing Goddess who has become someone dear to me." I gave her a smile.

That got a little bashful smile out of her. The kind that she tried her best to keep herself from expressing too outwardly. "I still can't believe what you did with that…Goddess."

"In retrospect, I am fully aware of how utterly reckless I was when meeting Meridia for the first time. I was in no way shape or form prepared for that level of power when I was younger. I can admit that I was more troubled then and perhaps acting out due to my newfound freedom and didn't consider my actions."

"He says while in the middle of an invasion of Heaven." She deadpanned.

I splashed some water at her. "There's a difference. I actually give thought about my reckless actions now. It's all carefully calculated."

"Didn't you drop out of school?"

I opened my mouth to retort….but I had nothing. "As a Goddess of Death, you know how to just kill someone so thoroughly…."

"Oh hush, you're being overly dramatic." She splashed some water up at me. "Besides, I'm sure many highschool dropouts lead successful and fulfilling – "

I flicked my finger with a good amount of force, sending a wave of water that smacked her face. The water dripped down her face, and even the water around us couldn't negate the dryness of the look she gave me. Next thing I know, there was a hand atop my head, and my body was fully submerged underwater.

"And what have we learned?" Izzy asked, pulling my head up a moment later.

"That I should cast a spell to see clearly in the water quicker."

"Of course that is your first thought." She huffed, letting go of me as the tinge of red returned. "I sometimes forget how perverted Devils are."

"First, that's racist."

"Oh no, I'm sure someone will be upset with me about saying something bad about Devils." She deadpanned.

"Second, the 'Goddess' is throwing some stones from her glass house over there."

"Oh and what –"


"….That is a low blow."

"You should push my head back underwater as punishment." I smiled.

"Yes, I'm sure there's no other reason you would want that." She stepped closer, practically hugging me. "It seems I'll have to be on guard against you." She declared, laying her head against my chest as she relaxed. "Now you can't sneak a peek at my body." She harrumphed. "Though I don't mind so much if it's you." She added on quietly.

I found myself putting my arms around her once more, leaning back against the edge of the hot spring.

"Do you want to stay with the children or go cause some more mischief?" She asked with a hum.

"May as well stay with them for the next couple days. Once this whole execution business is sorted, we can probably head home. I pretty much got what I needed, after I make sure the kids aren't going to suffer because of my actions, I won't really care about them much." They should mostly be able to take care of themselves, and they have some powerful people in their corner.

I guess I could check up every now and then, but I got more than enough on my plate at the moment. I already spent more time in this World than I intended and this was eating into some training time I could be having.

"Did they not grow on you? You seem to pick up several acquaintances and what-not on every world you visit."

"Eh." I guess so? "I mean, I would say I'm friends with Yoruichi, she's fun. And Shunsui has been great, I'd consider him a friend at this point. Orihime is a cute girl with ridiculous powers, but I suppose that's where it ends." I mean…I kinda wanted to see Unohana again but it felt really awkward at the moment. Partly because we were technically enemies, but also because I had Izzy at my side and….flirting with Unohana with Izzy next to me felt wrong. "Why, do you like them?"

"Hmm, they are interesting, but I have no concern beyond what you asked. And that they were born on the land I created and under my Daughter's sun. Mortals live, mortals die, it's the proper cycle, so I would not normally interfere. However, this situation is unique enough that I don't mind intervening on their behalf."

"Well, let's just get through this Execution, get everything settled nice and tidy without any problems first."

"And you just jinxed it." Izzy said without a hint of hesitation.


"I think you have more power hidden inside you." I spoke, dodging out of the way of one of Chad's punches as he unleashed an admirable amount of power and blasted apart a plateau behind us. "Also, try focusing all that energy to a smaller point. If it's so widespread, the destruction may be impressive, but a Captain can disperse it easier."

Chad grunted, following up with a flurry of punches. He would charge up his fist for a faint and then two punches later, release the build up without any warning.

He was learning.

I wouldn't say it was slow, but compared to Strawberry whose Reiatsu more than tripled since I saw him again a few days ago, well…. maybe it's not a fair comparison. Uryū also had significant progress, his Reiatsu was probably double what it was at the same time. Though, he's still significantly lower than Ichigo and the gap was widening.

I think that was pushing the Quincy more than anything. That or learning that there are other Quincy out there, and they're much more powerful than him.

"You're going to need to figure out your footwork too. I don't want to be mean, but you're slow." I commented, slamming his fist to the side. I stepped in, grabbing his extended hand, and threw his body at a rock formation.

He had pretty good endurance, so he stood back up from the broken rocks, and dusted himself off with minimal damage. "What do you suggest?"

"Honestly, it's probably too late to learn anything in time for the execution, but check with Yoruichi about her Shunpo and see if there's anything you can do with it for the future. With Strawberry's luck, this isn't the last time you'll be punching some ghosts."

There was a faint smile, perhaps a tiny chuckle as he readied himself again for another bout.

"Although…" I had a thought, and completely forgot about something. I had some Enchanted items that I kept in some dark corner of my storage ring. I mentally searched through it until I found a ring that was Enchanted similarly, if to a lesser extent, to my Ring of the Khajit that Meridia gave me. "Here, catch." I quickly tossed it to the confused giant.

He stared at it, then me.

"It's Magic." I made sure to clarify. "Try it on."

He blinked, eyeing it again and pushing it down on a finger. "Now what?" He asked.

I made a come-at-me motion. And he obliged.

He took a step and shot forward. The kid was always fast for a human, but that increased noticeably. It's a very far cry from a Shinigami using Shunpo, but it was significantly better than where he was before.

"I feel light." He stated, throwing punches that were a tad sharper too.

"The Ring should increase your overall speed and agility." I informed, dodging some more, but his punches came to an abrupt stop when there was a gigantic burst of Reiatsu from where Strawberry was doing his training.

It skyrocketed at least ten times from what it was for just a moment.

"I'm pretty sure your friend is done." I scratched my head, looking over there.

Chad nodded as I patted his shoulder and we walked back to where the others were.

Izzy was happily chatting with Orihime. That woman had a soft spot for children, I know she did.

Uryū had walked back over too, looking exhausted, but otherwise fine. And Yoruichi was hovering around, making sure everything was fine, but her eyes were focused on Ichgio who sort of hobbled over, kimono torn, and weathered heavily, but a big grin on his face.

"You succeeded." Yoruichi stated, as a matter of fact.

"Yup." Ichigo said proudly. "Let's go save Rukia!" He punched his fist into his open palm.

"Don't be an idiot." Yoruichi gave him a flying kick. "You're nearly spent and everyone else is tired. The Execution is tomorrow, we'll move then."

Ichigo took a deep breath. "Alright, what's the plan?"


Sōsuke Aizen POV

Finally, the day had arrived.

I had barely enough time to master the technique to interface with the soul that Kisuke Urahara had hidden in his notes. I did not originally plan for the Execution to be interfered with due to the War Time Protocols, but in the long list of issues that have occurred recently it was a minor footnote.

Compared to being banished to a secret Quincy stronghold hidden right under our noses, I think it's utterly ignorable if an annoyance.

And it is certainly less intrusive than my plan of faking my death being discovered so easily. I expected that Captain Unohana would eventually discover the features of the Gigai I had left behind, combined with my Zanpakuto's ability, but to be discovered so quickly was beyond my expectations.

I was growing weary of keeping up the illusion of the central 46 still being alive. As cathartic as it was to end those sniveling and insufferable nobles, it only brought more annoyances for me at this point.

One of the only plausible places to hide was beneath the Central 46 in the forbidden archives. Considering I was forced to hide because I was declared derelict of duty and there was a search for me.

Just one more bump in my plans. But even with the unexpected occurrences, everything was turning out in my favor. The situation was salvageable without changing my plans too drastically.

I just need to retrieve the object that Kisuke Urahara hid inside of Kuchiki Rukia's soul, one way or another. I doubted that the execution would go as...planned, thus I have prepared.

I have my own forces prepared and waiting to intervene if necessary. My Espada, they were ready to answer my call to battle.

The Strongest Hollows in existence, given power beyond what's conceivable and blurred the lines between Hollow and Shinigami. Each one was easily a match for a Captain in strength. And a further army of Hollows that were….lesser but still mighty compared to the average Shinigami.

I watched from a distance, using one of Kisuke Urahara's parting gifts from the night of his banishment. A cloak that concealed my Reiatsu from the senses of others.

The majority of Captains were present for the Execution, standing below the scaffolding and the Holy Execution Blade, the – Sōkyoku. An interesting Zanpakutō, if it could even be classified as such anymore. The combined might of a million Zanpakutō's compressed into a single form resembling a Guandao.

In another time or place, I may have made a bid for it. I toyed with the idea of telling my Lieutenant that Captain Hitsugaya was planning on stealing it to sow discord, but I unfortunately had no time. I supposed it's something I could look into once I achieved my true goal and Soul Society would no longer be able to stop me.

The final seals on the mighty weapon unraveled. An intense flame engulfed the area as the Execution Weapon released itself.

The equivalent of a Shikai.

The screech of a bird echoed out across Soul Society. The weapon taking on the form of a Phoenix.

It's quite poetic, I would assume. The bird that represents death and rebirth being the one to carry out the execution.

It's only a matter of time before the Ryoka would appear to disrupt everything.

And almost right on cue, Kurosaki Ichigo appeared with impressive speed on top of the Execution Scaffolding. He was attempting to face down the large flaming creature, and I would admit that his courage was respectable. Even I wouldn't want to face it head on without using my full power. I was sure my Reiatsu could suppress the mindless weapon, but it was powerful to earn a modicum of my respect.

I would assume that even the Captain Commander can acknowledge the power behind the Holy Execution weapon.

Now, what method did they devise to rescue their companion? Does he plan to just brute force? It would be in line with the personality of the young man.

Perhaps Yoruichi –

I felt a strange coldness down my spine.

And then I noticed the shadows acting erratically.

"….no…." I whispered.

It was sudden, with hardly a warning. A large Quincy Cross exploded to the sky and a large shadow displaced a dozen Quincy into the air above the execution.

And they started to assault the Sōkyoku and moved towards Kuchiki Rukia.

Were they…..attempting to steal her?

Absolutely not!

I have had enough of all these unforeseen interlopers destroying my carefully laid out plans!

I no longer cared that the Shinigami engaged the Quincy, I no longer cared about my stealth.

I gathered my Reiryoku and sped towards my prize. I didn't know why they were targeting her, maybe my plans had been leaked, but frankly, at this moment, I no longer cared.

"Shatter – Kyōka Suigetsu!" I declared as a significant amount of eyes had turned to me. My Blade buried itself into the back of a Quincy in my way, one I vaguely recognized as having fallen under my Zanpakutō's abilities when I had found myself inside their base.

I had no time to consider the humor in that the Shinigami thought I was coming to reinforce them.

Quincy drew their bows, Shinigami released their Zanpakutō, and I gave a signal.

Kurosaki Ichigo had grabbed Kuchiki Rukia and dislodged her from the Execution Platform while the Bird was fending off attacks from Several Quincy, so I needed not bother about that.

At my command, a Garganta opened up in the sky.

The method by which Hollows traversed the worlds.

It was massive and in its depths an uncountable number of glowing eyes within the darkness. The Hollows roared, shaking the foundations of Soul Society. Hundreds of Menos Grandes appeared, towering high above and the familiar eerie red light eclipsed the sun.

Hundreds of Ceros fired down towards both the Shinigami and Quincy.

The chaotic and abrupt battlefield immediately became silent, if only for a brief moment, but it was all I needed.

Kurosaki Ichigo hovered over the girl protectively, but he was easily dispatched and kicked away when he couldn't even perceive my existence and I wasted no time.

I activated the technique that Kisuke Urahara left behind in this moment of respite. Small pillars emerged from the ground around us, activating a field of Reishi and altered the frequency of souls within. An ever so slight change that allowed for one to interact with the Soul of the occupants without any negative side effects.

The second piece of the puzzle was to turn my arm into a device capable of accessing the frequency. Why it appeared green and scale-like, I didn't know and I didn't care.

The Kuchiki Girl didn't have time to react, nor did anyone else.

I reached inside her soul and found it.

The Hogyoku.

A masterpiece created by Kisuke Urahara, his greatest Masterpiece. An object that can blur the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollows to the uniformed, but held so much more power within. I of course also created my own, before I even knew of the existence of his. But there was a problem, mine was incomplete. And I had the theory that Kisuke Urahara's Hogyoku was also incomplete. Thus, I had a simple thought – they could be fused together to make them whole.

My hand turned back to normal, and in my moment of triumph, I admired my prize.

Except….I blinked and noticed a phenomena next to me that I didn't quite recognize. A multitude of colors swirled briefly and parted, opening a space to somewhere else, and a hand shot out, grabbing my wrist. My head slowly turned to see the human…the red haired human, clutching my wrist and refusing to let go.

"Oh, this looks important."

…..it is.


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