A Journey That Changed The World.

Archer Bennett—happy with his current life, is suddenly stabbed, losing everything he loves. However, he quickly finds out that death is not always final. Transmigrated into a magical world—as a child named Archer Ashguard—he finds himself abandoned. Lost and alone, with mysterious and potent magical abilities. He sets out on an adventure that’s sometimes fun, sometimes serious, and full of girls! Join Archer as he embarks on a legendary journey that will change the world. No NTR, Yuri or Rape. ----------------------------------------------------- If you want to support me, buy a coffee - https://ko-fi.com/neganspalace I will be doing constant edits here and there, improving the grammar and the story in general. Character artwork on Discord. Two chapters per day. 500 Stones = 1 extra chapter. https://discord.gg/rkyQyz85DJ

NegansPalace · Fantasy
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Arriving At The Draconia Kingdom (4)

[In the not-so-distant future]

Tamsin watched the gate grow larger as they approached, but soon, she spotted towers dotted down the giant wall made from menacing-looking black stone. Soldiers patrolled up and down the wall while large cannons pointed to the sea, waiting for enemies to get close.

As Tamsin admired the wall, she wondered who built it, but her thoughts were interrupted when Olivia spoke into a device, ''This is Admiral Olivia Anderson. Open the Southern G...''

An earth-shattering roar interrupted her, sending Tamsin and some of the sailors on the bridge into a momentary panic. However, they quickly regained their composure, hurried to the exit, and dashed outside.

They were greeted by the breathtaking sight of a massive white dragon soaring overhead. Stunning violet flames illuminated its majestic form as it let out its Dragon's breath, lit up the giant wall and surrounding sea.