203 Ch. 203 The Punishment From The Wives

"Muahahahahahahaha... hahahahaha..."

Richard and Raymond shook their heads, hearing their sister kept laughing without stopping—laughing at them. "So, you believed dad still hasn't given his blessing ... so you guys, hahaha..." It seemed Harmonie couldn't stop her laughter as the situation was hilarious.

"Aside from that, isn't it because of that matter?" Anxia was confused at how easily the twins yielded after knowing Stanley had already given his blessing.

"That is, too. I worry if she ends up seeing Andrew."

Harmonie's laughter subsided when she heard her oldest brother's words. She knew how much she had to struggle if she became Heinest's daughter-in-law, but Harmonie never expected her brothers would be against her with Andrew because of this sole reason.


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