1 Ch. 1 First Encounter

There was the grandest festivity in the northern region of Hong Kong. A collaboration was established between a Hong Kong company and a robotic division owned by Calvins.

The entire Calvin family was invited to this event, but only Raymond Calvin would come as the director of his father's company.

Unbeknownst to everyone, someone was plotting an evil plot against one of the sons of a famous former hacker, Stanley Calvin. This person wore expensive, quality clothes that made everyone think this person was a distinguished guest.

Amid the crowd of guests, Raymond Calvin smiled kindly at everyone he spoke to. He was neither arrogant nor haughty and dealt with those who approached him with the same friendliness.

In contrast to his twin brother, Richard Calvin was more sloppy and full of naughty ideas, making everyone feel overwhelmed by his presence. If Raymond was a reflection of his mother, who was elegant and calm because she was a former royal princess, then his twin brother was a reflection of his father.

Raymond's nature was more like a respected nobleman who made everyone wary of offending him, while Richard was more like a hyped, cheerful, yet mischief kid. Whether old, young, rich, poor, good or bad, Richard befriended them without being picky.

So that was the rumor said without knowing that the real Richard was more than the eye could see. It wasn't a lie when I said that Richard was a reflection of his father. One hundred percent, Richard was the incarnation of his father's evil nature.

This young man could be mischievous and childish, but he could turn into merciless cruelty, just like his father, when someone provoked him.

But there was something different about Richard when compared to his father. Richard was similar to Diego Regnz before he fell in love with his wife, considering they both like to flirt around and break girls' hearts.

No one knew who Richard had inherited this trait. Fortunately, Richard never gave false hope once someone overtly approached him aggressively. He would go abroad to disappear for a while to avoid the girls' pursuit.

On the contrary, Raymond didn't need to disappear. From the beginning, he had already drawn a line between himself and the ladies. All the girls who wanted to win over him understood and didn't throw themselves away like call girls. Because they knew Raymond would instantly cut off the friendship as soon as someone spread her legs for him.

Like twins in general, Raymond and Richard had similar faces, too identical to make it difficult to distinguish between them. Sometimes even their own youngest sister had trouble telling them apart.

While Raymond was still busy conversing with one of the president directors of his business partners, a young girl came up to them.

The girl was wearing a particularly flashy red gown. The dress was a bloated one wrapped around her chest and tightened around every curve of her body. The shift also had a sexy slit showing her smooth thighs every time she walked.

Her hair was jet black and in a messy bun added to her sexiness. Her makeup was not too obvious, but her lips were adorned with red lipstick that matched her dress, making her lips the target of men's gaze.

No doubt all eyes were on this girl with great interest. Some looked at her with primal desire, but others, including Raymond Calvin, looked at her with pure curiosity.

This wasn't the first time he'd met a pretty girl, let alone an Asian girl considering he often went to Asia for sightseeing. But he couldn't take his eyes off the sexy-red-gowned girl for some reason.

"Good evening Mister Calvin. It's an honor to meet you."

Reflexively, Raymond took the sexy girl's outstretched hand and brought it to his mouth to give a quick peck on the back of her milky hand.

Oh, how delicious that girl's hand smells. And when his lips touched her skin, it felt like he was tasting a forbidden fruit he was not allowed to touch.

"Pleasure is mine. I am honored to meet the most beautiful girl in this world."

Raymond's words made everyone who heard him feel stunned. Of course, you can't blame them because this was the first time Raymond Calvin had uttered flattering words to a woman besides his wife.

Raymond's eyebrow rose in amazement to see the girl in front of him still able to smile calmly and seductively. Typically, an ordinary innocent girl would be shy or dare not look him in the eye when he gave his charming look. But this girl was different and didn't seem to get any effect from his flattery.

Interesting girl. Raymond muttered in his heart.

"May I know the name of this beautiful lady?"

Once again, his business associates were surprised at Raymond's seductive voice. They never even knew that Raymond could utter a sensual and desirable tone when approaching a woman.

Then how about his newly wedded wife?

"My name is Qiao Anxia, but my friend calls me Qiao Qiao."

"Ah, but I think Xia Xia suits you better. Don't you think?"

"Xia Xia as in summer? I like it very much." Xia Xia replied in a lovely tone and alluring voice.

In one glance, Raymond instantly knew this girl in front of him was not like the innocent girl or pretend-licking girl he had met so far.

Raymond could see the sparkle in the girl's eyes that seemed unwavering and full of confidence, as if she was sure whatever she was doing was right. He could also clearly see that this girl was not what he had seen, and there was something mysterious that this girl was hiding.

Raymond Calvins… ahem… Richard Calvin, who was currently disguised as his twin brother, was very, immensely, pretty much felt challenged to unmask this girl's real nature.

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Hi, beloved reader whether new or old. This is my last series of second identity. If you read MOL, Flame queen, and Ice prince, you will find out some old characters will reappear in here. And as you know Richard and Raymond are Chleo (Ice Prince)'s cousins.

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