370 I'm Glad You Married Her

When Kayla finally did show Fletcher the videos, he couldn't help but laugh because Sadie was even more entranced by the slime than Marlee was. And in the baking soda volcano video, she clapped her hands in delight before grinning at the camera when it worked. 

They really went all out, making an actual volcano base out of paper mache and painting it once it was dry. They dyed the vinegar orange to imitate lava too. 

"That looks like a lot of fun," Fletcher told her. 

Kayla nodded with enthusiasm. "It was! Things have been a lot more fun in general since Sadie came to live with us. I'm glad you married her." 

"Yeah. Me too."

He just wished it was real. She was playing the part of big sister perfectly and genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself in the process but she wasn't much like a wife. And it was his fault for thinking he would be satisfied with that. He had been an idiot. 


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