26 Heading to New York City II

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~~~(Date: September 25th, 2025)~~~

~~~(POV: Ulysses Kennedy)~~~

Ellie and I walk out of our house, right behind Howard. I look out past the front yard and see a limo parked there. Ellie looks at me in slight worry. We both turn to Howard, looking for an explanation. "I rented a limo from the next town over. I figured that you might like the legroom provided. I'll be driving it for us." I don't know why, but I smile. Mostly because I'll actually have legroom. Ellie is hesitant to move, but I wrap my arm around her and walk with her by my side to the limo. "The earliest flight leaves in 25 minutes, so we better hurry." I nod in agreement with Howard.

Ellie and I load our stuff into the trunk. We each walk to opposite sides of the limo from the back, open the doors and get in. I immediately stretch my 7'0 frame out. The shoes I'm wearing today only add an inch to my height. "This is the first time I've ever ridden in a limo before..." Ellie needs to get used to things like this. Once I become a professional basketball player, her standard of living will rise higher than she could ever believe. Howard turns the limo on, and the heat turns on in the back. It's cold this September morning. It's September, 25th 2025. I pull up my stats to see where I'm at in terms of growth.

[Ulysses Kennedy]

[Class - The Singularity] [Legendary]

[Age 17, birthday January 24th, 2008]

[Shooting- S+] [Dribbling- A] [Passing- A+] [Speed- A+] [Defense- A+] [Lateral Quickness- A-] [Dunking- S] [Rebounding- A] [Endurance- S+] [Current Height- 6'11 without shoes] [Wingspan- 7'6] [Weight- 245 Lbs.]


[Quick learner][A] [Shooters Touch][A+] [One of a Kind][S+] [Incredible Work Eithic][B+] [Dribbling Talent][A+] [Deadeye][A] [Limitless Range][A+] [Lockdown Defender][A+] [Heartbreaker][A] [Deep Impact][S] [Highlight Reel][A+] [Ankle Breaker][A] [Post-move Master][A] [Moving Fadeaway][A+] [Deep Range Deadeye][S] [Tight Handles][S] [Endless Energy][S] [Uninjurable][S+] [Impossible Shot Maker][S+]

[Special Badges]

[The Singularity's space][X+]

My special badge is going to be very interesting to use for the first time. It'll automatically activate whenever I step onto a court. Be it blacktop or wood floor. I didn't know there was an X grade. It must mean that it's a very special badge and is exclusive to the system. "Do you think the limo will draw too much attention?" We are already driving down the suburban roads, and Ellie asks me a question that she might ask a lot. I look at her and see how nervous she is. She's in her late 20's now. She was in her early 20's when she started taking care of me herself.

I lean my head back into the headrest and roll my ankles, enjoying the legroom while driving for the first time in my life. "It might, but we'll be okay, Ellie. Just try and enjoy the trip. While it is technically a business trip, once we get to New York City in about 6 hours and some change. We'll do some stuff together after the meeting at the NBA Headquarters." We'll be getting there around noon once we are on the plane and in the air. The meeting itself shouldn't take longer than an hour. Howard said he'd take care of all the talking, and I just have to sit there.

After a quick drive, we are at the airport. Howard parks the limo, and we all get out and head for the actual building. We make it to our loading area with 3 coach class tickets. I'm seeing the stares that people give me as I walk down the aisle. I have to bend my head down, so it doesn't scrape on the ceiling. I find my seat and put my single piece of luggage in the compartment above me. I sit down, and I have to sit at a sideways angle just to fit. I'm glad this flight isn't longer than 5 hours, or I'd come out looking like a pretzel.

Ellie is sitting next to me in her seat and Howard is in the seats on the other side of the aisle. Ellie sees my current predicament and puts her hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. Hang in there, all right? Hopefully, the trip goes faster than it actually says..." She looks at me in worry as I cringe slightly from the movement of the plane taking off. I sigh and try to relax, but there is nothing I can do to help this. Hopefully, it'll work out better on the way back.

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