1 Prologue: Her pain


Eyes closed, hair blowing in vibrant waves she gasped moaning in pain. Lightning screamed crackling, wind rustled violently. Tears left coursing down her cheeks. Anger bubbled in her stomach, sobbing softly memories took over her hazel eyes. "No!" she retorted "No! no no no!" she yowled sniffling. Eyes flung open she screamed light blinding her vision.

A scream echoed power radiating "No!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed hugging herself feeling the loss of her spirit. The world stopped deathly silent, the battle abruptly halted the fighting, the soldiers clanking armor-plated swords paused, the rain stopped dripping midair before she fell bumping on the floor, dead.

"Aerial!" was the last words she heard before drifting off to a deep slumber sleep which can never be awoken.

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