Comments of chapter undefined of My life in Harry Potter( Rewrite coming soon)


Hey author, just wanted to point out that on my android tablet I keep seeing square place holders usually used for symbols etc at the start of your paragraphs and in the middle of some too. No idea what's causing it or even if there is anything there and it's just webnovel lol. Still thought I would let you know, weren't there in the older chapters, just the rewritten ones.

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that wasn't a long hiatus that was like a week a long hiatus is like 3 months .... but any way good to see a writer actually come back and continue cause most just come back to say the fic is dead or all their fic's are dead or their on an entirely new fic that has nothing to do with the one their leaving half buried and trying to grow a new "tree" (fic) on top of it so everyone comes to watch it grow while the planter (writer) awkwardly laughs and try's to get every one to just ignore that thing poking out of the ground and throws some flowers and bushes to try to cover it up some more


Thanks for the chapter