Captured you(HIATUS)Captured you(HIATUS)

Captured you(HIATUS)

by SilverLightTwin

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When Melody make her way in the Top Model Industry, she accidentally met the reason she pursue the modelling in his wheelchair mourning his life in agony. What would melody do to make him back in his track knowing that his disabled? * * * * * * * * * * Melody: Hubby, the weather today is not good we should spend our day in bed together! News said there's a big typhoon. Melody said while hinting something at Li Yi, raising her eyebrows up and down suggestively. Li Yi frowned and looked at his beautiful wife, and then smirk Li Yi: No the weather's perfect can't you see? If i secretly murder you under the heavy rain, 80% no one would see any blood evidence. Melody pouted and stare and stare and stare Melody: Then... should i prepare your raincoat and boots? it'll be troublesome if you get sick Li Yi: "....." • ` ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ • | | ` Credits for the bookcover maker @callmemerf from wattpad Also sorry for my wrong grammar and some wrong spelling, im not really good at grammar but i like writing so, im really sorry hehe~`• Ps. Don't forget to add review, every review counts as how you view the novels worth. Lav ya' Milktea's~`•

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