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A teenager with a OCD... A world full of myths and fantasies that is hidden from the masses... A system that can manipulate a soul and stuff the soul in a dream that it created... Now what would happen if all three conditions are fulfilled? Would it be good or bad? Will the teenager change? Will he accept the changes that the world throws at him? Will he overcome the challenges that he will encounter? Now, now we will see the answers to the question you have in his journey until the end.. —————————————————————————— First time writing and I write this in my phone... English is not my first language but I say I'm pretty good at it.. Update:Once per week/Two per week if I want too... Update time:8:00 in Asia I think? This is an AU.. This is inspired by My Exclusive Dream World Adventure... The cover is not mine.. If you want to take down the cover just say it in the review... This is from Pinterest and Art Station. Please review my novel after you read about 20 chapters.... So yeah that will be a long time until you can review I deem to be good... Mixed world -??? -??? -???


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