1 Prologue I

A class is full of students studying for their last exam in elementary.

But one student stands out as he gazes upon the flashing thunderstorm that they are experiencing...

'Is there gods fighting there sheesh, so lo-', wondered the boy but he was interrupted when a voice of a woman woke him up in his stupor.

"Sakuno-kun, what are you doing and why are you not studying for your exam?", said the middle-aged woman teacher as she approached the boy Sakuno.

Sakuno responded, "Sensei, I'm done studying today and the class is about to be done."

As Sakuno said, all students and the teacher alike look at the clock or their watches.

"Well, you are correct.", the teacher turns around and walks to the front of the class and said, "Ok class, put all of your books and notebooks in your backpack. As I have something to announce."

The students that are still studying immediately put all of their things in their backpacks.

"Tomorrow, you will have no classes", the teacher said that. The class exploded with shouts of excitement, chattering between students and banging on the tables.

"Quiet!" as the teacher glared at everyone, particularly those who are shouting and banging their tables. After the teacher glared for some time she continued, " You have no classes tomorrow because we have an upcoming storm that we are having in our country that will be landing this Saturday."

As the teacher said that the bell rang throughout the school.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

A student immediately stand up and said, "Rise!" then all students stand up as the student continued, "Bow!"

All students bow and said in unison, "Thank you for your teaching!" As they all scrambled towards their schoolmates chatting about meaningless things.

The teacher hurriedly said, "Don't forget your assignments for you will pass them this Monday. " After she said that, she leaves the classroom full of children chattering, laughing and paper throwing.

A student approached Sakuno and said to him, "Ayuma, what are you brooding about?" as he sat at the front of Sakuno's table.

Sakuno turns his head to see a boy with spiky brown hair, red sparkling eyes and a serious immatured look plastered on his cute face.

"I'm thinking about your face" as he paused to gaze at the face of the student and he continued with a serious face, "to help you figure out how to make your face aesthetically fit the humanities taste, Kazan."

"HUH!!!?" Kazan shouted as he balled up his hand into a fist.

Just as Kazan is about to punch Sakuno. A cold voice interrupted him.

"Kazan, what do you think you are doing?" the cold voice speaks. As the two boys turn around to see two girls. The girl at the front has blue eyes, violet hair and a cute face that surely when she grows up she will be a great beauty. A cold beauty.

While in her back is a girl with green eyes, blonde hair and a face that can make a child actress ashamed of their face.

Kazan answered her nervously, "Fumiko-chan, Ayuma said that my face is not fit for human taste. Can you believe what he said!?"At the end of his talking, he was practically shouting and he was glaring at Sakuno's face.

Sakuno not to be outdone glared at Kazan's face too and rebutted," I'm just concerned about your future. You have no friends other than us because of your gorilla-like face and besides, why do you hang out with those yakuza-wannabe. They are a bad influence on you and that will influence your prestige in your yakuza family after you inherit your family." As Sakuno said that. A chime was heard from the blonde girl.

" That's right Kazan-kun, you should not hang out with those weird people and besides Ayuma-kun you should not say that to Kazan-kun he will be sad at what you said." said the blonde hair girl.

"Ohh, Hinano-chan you are truly an angel and unlike one of my friends here who insulted my handsome face." he walks to Hinano to try hugging her while he glared at Sakuno.

But he was stopped by Fumiko who is standing in front of Hinano and calmly said to them," Let's go, my ride is here as well as yours, Kazan." As Kazan gazes upon the window to see two cars. One car stands a man with tattoos all over his arms while the other stands an Old man with a butler suit.

"Tch, they are already here. Sigh, well goodbye Ayuma see you on Monday and Hinano-chan I will miss you dearly." while picking up his backpack and going towards the door.

"Ayuma and Hinano-chan we will go first," said Fumiko as she nodded towards Sakuno and hugged Hinano. After that, she gracefully turns around and follows Kazan to leave the classroom.

Waving to them Sakuno said, "Kay, bye" and he turns to Hinano to see she is waving to them too and saying, "Goodbye Fumiko-chan and Kazan-kun, I hope you have a safe journey."

Sakuno suddenly stand up and said, "Well, we better get going to Hinano so that we can relax, eat and sleep early." As he said that he walked toward the door followed by Hinano while saying and smiling, "Un, Ayuma-kun."

———A few minutes later———

Sakuno and Hinano conversed about their lessons, their clubs and where they are going to continue their studies after they graduate from elementary. As their conversation goes on, Sakuno notices a man with black clothes, a black mask, black glasses, and a black cap.

As they approach the man, Sakuno notices that the man was staring at them and particularly at him. As they passed by the man, the man suddenly said, "The day you see a man in white is the day you're destiny turns."

Sakuno stop and wondered to himself, 'What the heck is this guy saying, does he have a screw loose in his head?' As Sakuno turns around to see the man turns into the alleyway and disappears from Sakuno's sight.

Hinano rambles about how hard the homework is and realizes that Sakuno is not beside her so she turns around to see Sakuno staring at the man in the black back and asks, "Who is that? Do you know him? Why did you stop?"

Sakuno snapped from his stupor and said, "Don't know, I don't know him and I stop because that guy said some crazy stuff like 'destiny turns' or some weird saying."

"Really? So what I was saying is our homework in Mathematics is hard and we should do it together again," said Hinano as her curiosity is satiated and forgets about the man.

Sakuno who similarly put the man's matter in the back of his mind said, "Yeah we should do that. Where do you want to do it? My house or yours? Or we can go to Kazan's house?"

As they continue their walking to their houses. They parted ways as their houses are in opposite directions.

———A few moments ago———

As the man in black turns to the alleyway, he senses a disturbance in the space in front. A man with long brown hair, brown eyes and wearing a white robe walks out in a bright white swirling vortex. As the man in a robe walks to the man in black and said, "Why did you do that!?"

The man in black check his surroundings as who knows when a mixture of white and yellow sphere surrounds them as he murmurs to himself, "Cautious as ever, hmmm" and gaze at the man's eye while saying, " And what did I do?"

"You know what I mean!!" said the in robe with an expression as dark as charcoal.

"Ohh, 'that'?"

"Yes, 'that'?"

"So, what is 'that'?"

"YOU!!" said the man in a robe who is practically shouting at the face of the man in black who has a bored and nonchalance look on his face.

"Sheesh, why are you shouting? You are making my ears bleed and besides, you should not look like that. What would people think if they see their 'saviour' like that and you need to relax sometimes." said the man in black while scanning the man in robe from head to toe with a disdainful gaze.

"YOU!!!" said the man in robe while glaring at the man in black. After a few seconds, the man in the robe somewhat calm down as he said in a serious voice what he can muster, "W-why did you do it?"

"I did what I need to do for our Pantheon for I the most despise being in our Pantheon care for the well-being of our beloved Pantheon." said the man in black with a serious face.

"You want ME to believe the lies you will spout in your mouth!!!" shouted the man in a robe who is growling at the man in black for what he said.



"What are you laughing about!!!?"

"No no no, I'm laughing at how good I am with acting. I almost got you there."


"Alright, I will tell you." said the man in black while seriously gazing upon the eyes of the man in robe as he continued "For he is the champion of our Pantheon, your champion and he needs help so that he won't be confused if we reveal his identity to him." When the man in the robe is about to rebut he was cut off as the man said, "and don't give me that crap 'rules' that we agree upon for I can do as I wish."

"What if they knew about what you are doing!?What if they knew that we are alive because of your meddling doings!? We would be doom if all gods gang upon us so that we can't interfere from human affairs! and watch your language!" shouted the man in a robe with a dark expression while glaring intensely at the man in black.

"BULLSH*T! I will do what I want to do, I will talk about what I want to talk and no one can stop me! And you know that!" as the man in black also glared at the man in a robe.

Their eyes met and a spark was produced. The wind was howling, the raindrop faster and the skies were so dark that all visible light source is in the buildings. The man in the robe was the first to break his gaze while saying, "You are still reckless. You should not have done that for almost all creatures in this country is not of our own."

The man in black gazed at the face of the man in robe for a few seconds as he said, "I have my ways to not get caught and besides even if they see me can they confirm that im that 'DEVIL'?" said the men in black.

"I hope your method is effective as you said and your reckless behaviour needs to be curbed for your behaviour may lead to your slumber." said the man in a robe with a serious expression on his face as he looks upon the men in black.

" Hmph! I don't need your meaningless worry for me and you should worry more about your king-" when the man in black was about to finish his talk. His face suddenly changed as he looks up at the rooftop and hurriedly said, "Quick, we need to go now as the forces of this area are coming."

After he said that he open a mix of dark red, black and red vortex. That leads to a world with a green sky, dark red ground and an old castle that somehow still standing to this day.

The man in a robe, however, was calm and he goes to the trash bin on the side of the alleyway and then drop an item with a tiny strand of godly energy. After that he goes to his vortex but when he was about to go in. He stared at the fading vortex of the man in black and murmur to himself, "I hope your decision this time is correct because if it is a mistake we will sustain heavy damage." After that, he walks into his vortex and the vortex fades away.

Silence remains in the alleyway but few moments pass by.


A man wearing a dog mask and a woman wearing a cat mask appeared like a shadow. The man said to his companion," There is no one here, Neko."

"That's strange, we feel an energy that is not familiar to us Inu." said the woman as she walks towards the trashbin where she felt the energy.

"Ohhh, what's a charm doing here? Hey Inu, there's a charm here and I feel the energy in this charm."

"A charm huh? Maybe the residents here have lost faith in charms so they dispose of them and that's why you felt the energy. No matter, take that charm with you and we will investigate it Neku." said the man as he approached the woman and take a look at the charm to check it.

"Then if there is nothing wrong with the charm I will keep it and it fits perfectly to me, Inu." said the woman as she looks at the charm with her eyes glittering.

"Whatever, Neko. Just don't lose it." said the man as he jump-ups to the rooftop and he was followed by the woman as they leave the alleyway.

All that remains in the alleyway is the sound of the rain splashing the road.

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