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[HIATUS] I Hate Systems


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What is [HIATUS] I Hate Systems

[HIATUS] I Hate Systems is a popular web novel written by the author Overlord_Venus, covering APOCALYPSE, ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, THRILLER, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 577.1K readers with an average rating of 4.48/5 and 26 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 57 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Disclaimer: This book has been dropped! Don't read it. Read my other ongoing books. ----------------------------- An intergalactic war occurs in the universe. A cowardly god who managed to escape the war chances upon Earth in his escape path. What happens next? The Earth faces an apocalypse, unlike anything humanity has ever encountered. Humans, cats, dogs...even trees, as all lifeforms evolve to gain supernatural abilities, will humans still reign at the top of the food chain? Not just living organisms, even electronic gadgets gain sentience and related supernatural abilities. Is that all? They also bury themselves into humans and act as your typical RPG style 'Systems'. Are they allies of humans or do they have some sort of hidden agenda? Watch as our seemingly normal MC tries to deal with all sorts of dangers in the new post-apocalyptic world. Would he be able to maintain his ego till the very end? Or would he get dominated by a System? Runner-up in the #32 writing contest: Systems


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I won't go for a shameless 5 star rating because of my eeny peeny tiny conscience, I am trying my level best so that there are no info dumps and fillers ( because I was one of those who cursed other authors for such things) but it's been quite hard without them, since this is my very first publication I'll give my very best to provide quality content, though for the initial chapters the word content will only range between 1000-1500, but please give me some time so that I can be more confident in my writing skills and can better plan and write those events in the subsequent chappies.I don't care about those constructive or destructive criticism, as long as any mistakes in my writing skills, slang and typos are pointed out, all types of criticism are welcome


It is a good story whith a fresh air , different from most original novels. It has an interesting premise and characters. ....................


Writing Quality - 5 Stars I'm judging based by MY grammar, and my grammar is far worse than his, so a 5 stars. Stability of Updates - 4 stars. It's 4 stars, unless we get 100 chapters in a day :P Story Development - 4 Stars I like the idea behind this novel, I hope we see more in the future. Character Design - 4 stars. I am only at CH.4 So there is a lot more to improve, but I can see the MC's personality take shape even at this chapter. World Background - 5 Stars Not much to speak about it at ch.4, 5 stars. Will EDIT in the future.


I see that this novel has a lot of potential, the plot is well thought out, there is logic behind most actions and situations. Keep up the good work


I thought I wouldn't like this because I Hate Systems (heh heh, geddit?) It's really well written, author just needs to pay more attention to punctuation and the like. The first chap really reminded me of The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Folks, if you have patience for thousand chapter stories on here, give that giant series a try too. Anyway, that's a compliment to the author, because I really love that series. Keep up the epicness!


I like this storys background, characters, and the systems layout. The characters so far have been pretty good (the brat is my favorite so far). The background info for the origins of the sytems is pretty ok.


i don't like how he's being pushed around by a 13 year old girl even though he's supposed to have a strong will and mind especially when he took care of that fake parasite system and met her the chemistry feels little of and i don't think making prakash and li mates in cowardice a comedy duo just ruin the integrity of the story plus i doubt he would react so weakly to having his kill stolen by this little girl and being bossed around by this little ***** who doesn't understand how much more fierce he is and rejecting a system she's most of the reason i hate the novel and also it just feel a little forced for him to be talking so arrogantly about his former job even though he's proud of it her reaction is a little disgusting for saying disgusting also which leads to another point of character consistency theres not a lot of it and even if they do it's mostly just the fucking irritating annoying 180 shift of the character into annoying fucks i mean i was actually pretty interested until you made the ugh as you say loli as a arrogant get's her way always character which annoys the **** out of me and i would say more but it would be more anger frustration and cursing so i raher not when i'm trying to give a proper review


The world building is up to the mark, the story itself is great and written in wonderful way, I also like the description, as I know the grammar is lot better than me, hehe


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The author has created an interesting and engaging premise with the starting chapters. Idea of humans equipped with powers after an apocalyptic event comes across clearly. The ******* of dealing with the environment and one's new powers creates an engaging background. All the best!


Li Quo is interesting! The way story is developing, I don't feel like leaving it! The author has very nicely explained the book-related vocabulary in the beginning. Basically a unique concept.


I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this amazing hidden gem. The first few chapters had a bit of *******ish feel to it with lacking punctuation and a couple of other errors, but the quality really picked up from chapter 12 onwards. Now at chapter 30, I feel as if the author is a veteran in this field.


A novel with potential, the pace of the story was neither slow or fast which was enjoyable. Author has put much effort into characters and I personally found the character Enbi Arin as pragmatic. I have taken a point for updates and grammar. Even though the novel doesn't update daily, it does at regular intervals.


With an interesting protagonist, fast pacing, a well-thought-out power system, intriguing side characters, and plenty of action right from the start, this is a seriously compelling story. The only thing I'd suggest is for the author to pay a little more attention to punctuation. In some places, missing commas and periods distract from the writing, which is a shame because other than that, the story is great. Overall, this one's definitely worth reading.


Even though I am not too fond of action and technology sort of novels, this one really changed my prospective.. The wordings and grammar is of top quality and I really believe it's gonna get into top .. All the best👍👍 Waiting for new updates🤗🤗


Not bad! Let's just say it's quite different from the other novels, making it unique and interesting to read. Fresh vibe to it. There are a few grammatical errors throughout your writing, especially in chapter 2. Although negligible, you should probably still proof-read once more. You have a few uncapitalized letters at the start of a few quotes as well as some other non-semsical errors. Other than the few editorial errors, it's great and has a lot of potential! Wish you look as you continue to write.


It’s not bad at all. A few grammar mistakes here and there but who doesn’t have those?! The characters are developed nicely, although my own personal feelings make me question a few things about their choices and actions. The world background is pretty good and I do not have many comments in the update stability. It seems that a large number of chapters were released at once before a steady schedule was made. Interesting choice. Overall the story is pretty great and I look forward to future updates. Keep working hard author! I also do recommend reading this since it is very well written. And if you like a sort of intense yet comedic vibe from your novels, this is a good choice.


It makes me sad to see a "Not Enough Ratings", so I gave you one :) ............................................................................................................................................................................................140 BS


One of my favorite novels in WN, I'll be dropping all my stones here. I could find a few minor mistakes in grammar but overall I enjoyed the content till now. Good job kidoo👍


Amazing story... One of my most favorite under originals... The story feels completely new and fresh out here. 140 characters! 140 characters! 140 characters!


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