8 Chapter 8

After the class hour, at the occult researching clubroom,

"So, senpai waited for two days before telling her brother and the information went public the next day," I said to Rias-senpai.

"Yes. And we have been informed that Maou-Lucifer and Maou-Leviathan will be arriving here today. They have requested a meeting with you tomorrow." Rias-senpai replied.

"For what reason?" I asked.

"Don't worry. They will be mainly thanking you to give the Red Dragon Emperor of this generation to Devil Faction. It will help increase the power on our side." Sona-senpai added.

"I did not and also can not give a person like a commodity.. It was Issei-san's decision. I just gave him advice." I corrected her.

"Sona didn't mean it like that, Yotsuba-san. The thing is, you are our benefactor and we want to build a good relationship with you." Rias-senpai said.

"Alright. Anything else, senpai? "

"No. That was all. We will contact you when it is time." Rias-senpai replied.

"Alright. Then, I am leaving." I stood up and went towards the door when Sona-senpai said,

"Yotsuba-san, you got me there."

I just smiled and left the room. No need to be secretive in Kuoh anymore in front of them I guess.


*POV 3rd*

Sirzechs and Serafall have come to Kuoh town yesterday. Grafiya also came as the personal assistant. It's morning now, but Rias and Sona did not leave for Academy as they need to be present in the meeting.

They are talking now in the meeting room.

"So, she accepted the invitation?" Sirzechs asked.

"Yes. We already contacted her. She will be here at any moment." Sona replied.

"Hope I am not too late." An elegant but unknown voice sounded.

All present in the room went on guard ready to attack.

"Whoa! Calm down. I am here as a guest." Miyuki said putting a hand in front of her mouth to hide her smile.

Serafall and Sirzechs are very surprised. They didn't feel anything at all when she came!

They both had one thing in mind,

"She could kill at least one of us already!"

"Ehem. This is Yotsuba Miyuki, the one I talked about. Yotsuba-san, Sirzechs Lucifer, and Serafall Leviathan." Sona said indicating the person while speaking the latter two names.

"Hello there. Nice to meet you." Miyuki said smiling. Her little prank was successful!

"Pardon my rudeness. A pleasure to meet you too. Please take a seat." Sirzechs said while Serafall nodded.

They took their seat and Grafiya served them tea.

Sirzechs said Serafall tried to measure her strength. But they controlled themselves from widening their mouth at the next moment. They could not feel anything. It's outside of their level of reach.

Then they looked at Miyuki and saw she is smiling at them.

"Sorry for probing. We have no malicious intent." Sirzechs apologized from his and Serafall's side.

"No problem. But don't do it in the future. Invading on a lady's privacy isn't gentlemanly, aren't I right, Leviathan-sama?"

"My bad too. And you can call us by our name. No need for the formalities." Serafall replied.

"Sure. Then you can call me by my name also." Miyuki said accepting the gesture.

"We won't probe into your matters. We just wanted to thank you for your help. And I am personally indebted to you as you helped my sister." Sirzechs said with his signature charming smile.

"That was just a coincidence. I just helped Issei-san getting a good backer for his safety. It was his necessity and Rias-senpai fulfilling the conditions made that happen."

"In any case, you are our benefactor. And we will try our best to help you if possible. Just keep that in mind even though we know you probably won't need it." Sirzechs said.

"You flatter me. I will keep your goodwill in mind." Miyuki smiled.

After that, they talked about random topics. Sirzechs and Serafall even invited Miyuki to Underworld oncoming holidays. Miyuki said she will think about it. After talking for more than an hour,

"I think we should stop now, Sirzechs-san and Serafall-san. I need to return home now I think." Miyuki said feeling an unknown presence inside her home.

"Sure. Thanks for meeting us. Hope we will meet again in the future." Serafall said smiling.

"I hope too." Miyuki was going to teleport but suddenly she noticed Grafiya standing behind them like a pillar.

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"Hi there." She looked at her and said smiling,

Grafiya was surprised but controlled her expression.

"Hello, Yotsuba-sama."

"You are even more beautiful in person, Grafiya-san. Hope we will meet again." Miyuki said and vanished happily as she saw one of her favorite characters in DxD live, also creating a misunderstanding without knowing.

After she was gone,

"She did not mean what I am thinking right," Sirzechs said with a wry smile.

"But she should not know Grafiya-chan's name normally. How did she? Isn't this her first meeting with us?" Serafall did not help.

Grafiya was first surprised, then panicked, then blushed but in the end, made a neutral expression.

"Anyways, Rias and Sona." Sirzechs changed the subject and called both girls.

Rias and Sona looked at him.

"I kinda think you should come back to the underworld," Sirzechs said.

"The reason?" Rias asked while Sona pushed her glasses up a bit.

"While we don't know about her that much and can't say she is bad. She is transcendental like me. But we are unable to know her limit. From what I felt, her strength is comparable to one of the higher rankings of the 10 strongest beings in the whole world. She being here alone makes this Kuoh town either the safest or most dangerous place. You won't understand fully as you didn't see or experienced that kind of power in your life till now. But yes, this is getting kinda messy." Sirzechs said with a solemn expression.

Sona and Rias shivered a bit. Especially Rias.

"Rias, you did well not talking to her about joining your peerage. Although she didn't seem hot-tempered like some greek gods, we can't be sure what would happen. The evil pieces won't work on a being like her." Sirzechs said looking at Rias.

"Yotsuba-san may be dangerous, but not a bad person. I asked her to join Student Council many times. She just politely refused. And knowing more about her from you, if she wanted to do something, we can't save ourselves even if we leave for the underworld. We understand you are worried about our safety, but we don't want to leave before completing our studies." Sona said.

"I second on that." Rias voiced.

"My Sona-tan is so intelligent!" Well, Serafall, as always.

Sirzechs then looked at Serafall to which she gave a nod with a soft expression.

"Sigh. Well, as you wish. But please be safe and try to keep a good relationship with her." Sirzechs said.

They talked a bit more for some time. After that, Sirzechs and Serafall left for the underworld with Grafiya.


In the Underworld after some minutes,

"Did you notice, Sera? " Sirzechs asked sitting on his chair.

"Yea. Destruction, but much stronger than your 'Aura of Destruction'. Don't know if even four of us combined can win a serious fight with her. It feels like those higher Gods, no, more like Shiva." Serafall said with a serious expression.

"Summon the other two. We need to discuss. Tell others to not make the information public. Those old bastards will just create more problems."

"Alright." Serafall nodded.

"Grafiya," Sirzechs called out.

"Yes, Lucifer-sama?" Grafiya spoke.

"Err. Nothing. Sigh."Sirzechs sounded exhausted.

"Pfft." Serafall tried to stop her laugh.

The environment lost the seriousness of moments ago.

*POV 3rd End*

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