[BL] I became the Broken Third Son of a Count Book

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[BL] I became the Broken Third Son of a Count


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Fantasy/BL R-Rated Slow Burn The story is about Kilian transmigrating into another world and taking over the body of the magicless Kilian who lives there. Kilian Heathgrave, the third son of a Count is a cripple and mistreated in the mansion for not being able to use magic. The many new struggles in a world of magic, nobles, and otherworldly creatures set Kilian out on a journey to find his own strength and get back at the people that mistreated him. With him is his personal knight, but the bond between knight and master becomes blurry. Are the forbidden intimate acts between them, love or just lust? There is someone else who has his eyes set on Kilian, who is not afraid to be forward about his feelings. Author note: Kilian may not know what love is at first, mistaking pleasure for love, so hopefully, the other parties can teach him what really matters. The main story is Fantasy and BL. It is R18, but a slow burn..


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