56 Gremmy vs. the Zaraki Boi

Finally, it is here!!! The fight I have so desperately been waiting to write. I had my fun with the last few chapters but now the cool fight is here. It will have some similarities from the anime/manga but it will have a lot more that happens and ... well Gremmy is the MC sooo ...

Enjoy. And I would like some feedback about this chapter. Only this one. I am trying hard to create a good fight scene with Gremmy's full power. He will finally use the Visionary openly.


(Gremmy/ Toji POV)

It was time. Finally, it was time to let loose and show these bastards who the boss was around here. I have been hiding my true strength for over 900 years and have been training since I woke up as Gremmy Thoumeaux. It is time to show the world my power and I will begin with the Zaraki boi. The self-proclaimed 'strongest' Shinigami. What a joke. He hasn't earned that title unless I allow it. That is also the reason, I haven't called him Kenpachi ONCE. I always call him Zaraki Boi or Zaraki Brat. And he knows it. Because I was there when he fought Yachiru Unohana and lost because he limited himself. I don't respect that and he knows it.



(3rd Person POV)

During all of the fighting, Yachiru Kusajishi, the Lieutenant of the 11th Division was currently fighting against Gwenael Lee, 'the Vanishing Point'. Or at least she wanted to but he was vanishing and reappearing again to introduce himself.

"To you, my existence cannot be-"

Gwenael is interrupted by Yachiru who tries to punch him. He however vanishes again. Somehow Yachiru forgets what happened as she thinks, she hit him. 

"That's weird ...I thought I hit him."

Yachiru is cut on the shoulder and both she and Isane are surprised by this. 

'Yes, that's right. My powers are made up of three versions', Gwenael is monologing internally while Yachiru attacks him again.

'Version 1: I can erase my form.', Gwenael cuts Yachiru on multiple places of her body. 

'Version 2: I can erase my existence.', Yachiru punches him again, but it just passes through him, seemingly but he in truth simply vanishes from that spot.

'Version 3: I will erase my existence even from your mind.'

This confuses Yachiru as well as Isane as the existence of Gwenael is erased from their memory. So they don't remember him at all and neither do they remember their encounter with someone. 


Gwenael watches as the two are clueless and then materialises once again in front of them.

"Let's try this again. Nice to meet you-"

He is interrupted again by Yachiru who is trying to punch him. Seemingly for no reason but when Isane tries to tell her she can't just punch someone if she doesn't know whether they are friend or foe, Yachiru tells her this:

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure he's an enemy. I felt a tingle the moment I saw him."

This surprises Gwenael greatly as it means that Yachiru punched him on instinct alone. 

"I was told that it's important to trust these tingles. Tingles that make you feel cold, hot or happy ... those kinds. kenny says that when he finds someone like that, he can't resist slaying them. But Kenny's not here right now, so he won't mind if I slay this guy, right?"

Gwenael tries to use this chance and stab Yachiru in the back. He is however surprised when she turns around and slashes him, resulting in him having to dodge once again. The true surprise comes in the form of a wound that Yachiru managed to inflict upon him. As it turns out, Yachiru's Zanpakuto, Sanpo Kenju strikes its target whether it dodges or not. 

Yachiru expresses surprise at Gwenael still being alive after she cut him. After he once again tries to move to attack her, this time a large wound appears suddenly on his shoulder that reaches to the middle of his thorax. Gwenael can't believe it.

'This can't be happening.', he thinks.

"Oh, but it is."

Everyone turns to see that another Sternritter sitting inside the healing barrier that Isane has put up to heal both 3rd Division Captain Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi and 9th Division Captain Kensei Muguruma.

"When did you get inside the barrier?!", Isane asks hysterically.

"No way ... I fought really well, didn't I?", Gwenael asks the new addition.

"Yeah, you really did ... for a product of my imagination.", the blonde Sternritter answers him.

"Wait. With my powers, these guys would be no-"

"Yes, your powers are amazing. I mean, you can erase your existence from sight, mind and memory. See? That's why you just disappeared from my memory."

Gwenael knows what this means. He has been found unnecessary. This angers him greatly.

"Gremmy!!!", Gwenael screams and he tries to attack the Sternritter known as Gremmy. This one however does nothing. 

"I'm sorry. I can no longer imagine a future for you.", Gremmy says. This effectively kills Gwenael and he explodes, spraying blood everywhere.


Isane is shocked and addresses Gremmy. 

"Just who are you? Please step away from there ..."

"Don't worry about those, I already healed them.", Gremmy said and walked out of the field.

"You ... healed them."

"Don't focus on that. Shall we start?", Gremmy said and ducked under a sword strike from Yachiru. She struck again, but Gremmy simply grabbed her hand and then ... twisted, breaking her arm like a corkscrew. It looked and sounded horrifying.


"Huh ... my arm.", Yachiru was perplexed.

"Imagine this ... What would happen if all the bones in your arm, are made of cookies? Just now you thought 'it would naturally break apart', right? This is what you imagined next: 'If the bones in my arm are made of cookies, then maybe the bones in my entire body are made of cookies as well?'", Gremmy said and after he said that, Yachiru fell to the ground with more broken bones.

"There is no greater power ... than imagination. And whatever I imagine ... becomes reality."


The wall broke and the voice of Kenpachi Zaraki was heard.

"What is this? I came here looking for Yachiru because her spiritual pressure felt wobbly, but all I find is a kid acting up.", Zaraki said.


"A kid huh? Well, that is interesting seeing as the Zaraki brat still only grew up physically and not mentally.", Gremmy said.


"C-Captain Zaraki ... U-Unohana is she ...?"

"She's dead. I killed her. If you hate me for it, you can go ahead and kill me."

"Thank goodness. The fact that you killed her means you've succeded it... Captain Unohana's title."

"Yeah, I did."

"How sentimental. I must say I don't think I've ever been this choked up. But I do commend you for killing your own soldiers during times of war. I mean wasn't it possible to, and hear me out on this one ... NOT kill her? She might have been useful later on, don't you think?"

"Who the f*ck are you?"

"Hmm ... don't talk to me like that boi, I'm much older than you are. Now I believe that we should get the stage up and running, shall we?", Gremmy said and the ground began to rise up as a cuboid arena was set up. It looked different from the original one. Gremmy replicated the Colosseum from Rome. He had style after all.

[Picture of the old one]

"There we go. I've set the stage for us. All great artists have their arena tailor-made after all. Since you have the honour of fighting me, even though you have no name, I had to arrange our fighting stage accordingly. So without further ado, allow me to introduce myself.

The name is Gremmy Thoumeaux, nice to fight you."

"What is all this? Some kind of spell?"

"Spell? Is that what you call Kido? Well, this is neither a spell nor is it an illusion. All of this is real and of the best quality no less. To make this fight easier, I will tell you, like a generic villain, what my power is. What you make of it, is up to you.

I am Gremmy Thoumeaux, designated 'V' - The Visionary. I turn imagination into reality. You're quite lucky to fight me ... after all, a man of your simplicity and mentality should appreciate fighting the strongest Quincy, no?", Gremmy taunted.


Zaraki didn't answer, instead, he attacked. He approached Gremmy and swung his sword down, hitting his shoulder.


"See what I did just there? I imagined my body being more durable than steel and you couldn't cut it."


The sound of the blade passing through Gremmy's body was heard. Blood flowed down his body but the look on Gremmy's face didn't change in the slightest. He still looked at Zaraki with a small smile.

"Come on ... If you're as strong as steel, then you should have said so. I would've just cut you as if I was cutting steel from the very beginning. What's with that face? Are you surprised that I could cut you? Let me tell you something. Your puny imagination can't create something that I can't cut. You know why? Because I'm Kenpachi."

"No not really. You are still the Zaraki Brat that you always were. The fact that you killed Unohana just shows this perfectly. You weren't able to hold yourself back. You are as embarrassing and pathetic as the day I met you. Don't assume a title like 'Kenpachi' just because you kill the psychotic healer. You have to earn that title and take it from the strongest. And Unohana was nowhere near the strongest Shinigami. So don't bore me with your talk. The opening act has barely begun.", Gremmy said and as if it never happened, his body was back to the normal way it was. The wound and the blood just vanished.

"Also the arrogance in that statement, 'your puny imagination can't create something that I can't cut.' Yare yare. It seems that the years where I allowed you to go on with that attitude have made you truly arrogant."

"Hmm ... there is only one person that calls me 'Zaraki Brat'."

"Indeed. It seems like you're catching on."


"Did you just growl at me? Haha, you're an animal. Well then, shall we continue? I mean such a statement needs proof, don't you think? So let us begin."


"My power sounds like a bad joke to you. And you have said that just now. But that's just because you can't grasp what I tell you until it is too late. I guess that's where brains would come in handy. Now let us dance my good sir.", Gremmy said and smiled.

At that moment a massive amount of heat began to be generated from behind Gremmy. The ground began to shake and both of them trembled as the floor shook more and more until ... a volcanic eruption happened between the two and lava shot into the air only to then fall back down in a rain-like fashion.


The hot lava burned skin and clothes alike, killing you if it hit you. Zaraki was shocked and retreated. But then he did the only thing he could.

"Your powers are ridiculous. But, I don't mind fighting against something that is beyond reason!", Zaraki said and swung his Zanpakuto in a big arc, effectively cutting through the lava that was about to fall on him and Yachiru. But it was still close for Yachiru, as Zaraki couldn't destroy all of the small batches of lava that fell from the sky.

"What are you doing Yachiru?! Take cover!"

"Don't be so hard on her. Right now all of the bones in her body are made of cookies. You could literally eat her up now. No pedo though, I'm not into swords."

The volcano was still spewing lava. Due to Zaraki cutting through it, the pressure was far less, so the lava wasn't shooting high into the sky, but it was still flowing out and dangerous to fight for anyone that wasn't Gremmy. Zaraki didn't care though, his spiritual pressure was monstrous, to say the least. He could push through it.

Zaraki jumped into the air with his sword raised above his head to strike Gremmy. Gremmy looked at him and in the next moment, Zaraki was inside a big cube of water.

"Oh my. The air you jumped into, was already water. This means that you jumped into the water just now. At least that's what I can imagine. Oh, would you look at that? A big crater has formed. You might want to catch your sword there, otherwise, she might die.", Gremmy said and shot the cube of water into the gap.

"Now let us count the seconds until you return."

In the next second the ground was destroyed and Zaraki emerged from the ground with Yachiru in his hands.


Zaraki slashed with his sword but was blocked by two pillars of a strong material that Gremmy came up with. He imagined material that could block Zaraki's strike.

"Seems like Yachiru's bones are back to normal. You were so desperate to defeat me, that you couldn't use your mind on Yachiru?"

"No, not really. I am just a noble soul and thought this was for the best. I wouldn't want you to use Yachiru as an excuse when you inevitably lose."



(Askin POV)

"Sheesh ... You know the world speaks badly of those who can do nothing more than imagine. But when you see someone who can do anything with just their imagination ... it makes you realise just how peaceful it was when they couldn't do anything. But I still can't understand why His Majesty chose to release that into the wild."


"Geh Geh Geh, well said.", I hear a voice behind me say, "Things would have been so much better if he kept that monster locked up for all eternity, don't you think? Geh geh geh."

"You're pretty much a monster yourself ... Pepe.", I say.

"That makes two of us."

I stand up and am just about to say something when I look at the fight in front of us again. And there I see Gremmy and he ... is looking right at me. And he's smiling. What a scary monster he is.



(3rd Person POV)

"What exactly are you trying to do? Are you looking for a fight?"

"Not really. I am here to have some fun and put you in your place. We are testing your statement that there is nothing you can't cut. So get ready we'll continue now.", Gremmy said and the floor beneath Zaraki started to come alive. Multiple stone pillars rose and tried to hit Zaraki. He dodged around and cut all of them with a swing of his sword. But that was only helping him reduce the numbers for a moment. More and more shot from the ground until finally, one managed to hit him.

The pillar rose high in the air. Zaraki slashed his sword and destroyed the pillar. But that was enough for Gremmy. He only wanted to have him high up to get a better view. Why didn't he simply imagine him there? Why would he do something like that this early in the fight? You have to build such impressive moves up during a fight.

All of the rubble of the destroyed pillars of stone began to float in the air and transform. Each one transformed into a sword of different sizes and forms. Zaraki saw that and his eyes widened. With a thought, all of the thousands of swords shot towards Zaraki at high speeds. It wasn't that impressive yet, but it was still early during the fight.

Zaraki narrowed his eyes and then began to slash at all of the swords with unimaginable speeds. The clanking of swords was heard throughout the Seireitei and Gremmy had already prepared the next thing for the Zaraki Boi. The swords approached Zaraki still and he was able to cut all of them without that many cutting into him. Then a bigger sword came at him from below and Zaraki saw it. He swung his sword hard and shot towards the sword. He cut through the sword with one swing.

"Head's up.", Gremmy said and then fired hundreds of different guns he had imagined behind him. He had to do it, it looked cool.


Zaraki didn't really bother dodging or cutting the bullets, but he did block and cut the next thing that came at him. Gremmy imagined rockets firing behind him. At first, they weren't that big, but then they got bigger and especially ... a lot more.

[Picture first ones]

[Picture the last ones]


One explosion after the other was heard and shook the entire Seireitei. The last few rockets were cut through the middle, but they still exploded.


Gremmy smiled. This was fun. He was enjoying himself right now. And he wasn't even trying that hard. Eh, who was he kidding, he wasn't trying at all. Gremmy waited for the smoke to clear and saw Zaraki whose body was burnt like a steak and steam was rising from him. But the crazy idiot still hadn't taken off his eye patch. That was fine with Gremmy, if he wanted to kill himself who was he to judge?

"That's a great look you have there."


"Of course. I am having fun right now. How about you?"

"Heh, of course.", Zaraki said and attacked again. He jumped and slashed his Zanpakuto down at Gremmy. Gremmy imagined himself in a ball of metal. But he made the metal see-through so that he could enjoy himself more. Zaraki's sword hit his ball and the ball began to crack. Gremmy then imagined hundreds of blades coming out of the ball. And the blades he imagined to be ... Adamantium.

The blades shot out and one of them pierced Kenpachi, who was surprised at this, but his smile only widened. The small cracks were already gone and the ball with Gremmy inside began to move. That's right the metal structure that was a ball around Gremmy began to rise up into the air. And then more blades shot out of the ball and began to rotate around the ball. Now Gremmy had a spinning ball of death that he moved with his mind.

He made the ball shoot towards Zaraki. Zaraki tried to block the spinning blades but the speed at which they were spinning and the durability surprised him and he suffered hundreds of cuts before he put some distance between him and the ball. The ball however didn't stop moving and instead chased Zaraki. It was impressive how much Zaraki could cut as he might have had a chance if the blades weren't made from Adamantium.

However, Gremmy was bored with this. It would end the fight too early and he still had plans. So as Zaraki was attacking again a giant foot stomped down on him from above.


The foot hit Zaraki and pushed him through the ground. But that wasn't all. Gremmy felt Zaraki coming back and saw the leg getting cut. And just then a giant 'Butt' fell onto Zaraki and 'swallowed' him. Zaraki flew right in and was surrounded by darkness.

"What is this?", Zaraki asked until he heard something rumble. And then ...

*Fart sound*

A fart left the imagined butt and shot Zaraki back out and into the ground.

"Uff", Zaraki said as he hit the ground. The smell was terrible. But that was just the artistic freedom that Gremmy had. It was supposed to be authentic.


"How was it? Are you still enjoying yourself?", Gremmy asked Zaraki with a muffled sound. He had imagined himself having a gas mask. Because the smell was truly terrible. But that was beside the point. He used the gas for a reason but more on that later.

"You still haven't imagined something that I can't cut."

"Well that isn't fully correct, is it? I remember those blades being 'uncut'. But I see that you need something more, something bigger to challenge you. Then let us move on to Act II., shall we?"

The air grew heavy and the colour changed from dark red to a very bright red/orange. Something began to push through the clouds. Something big, that was burning.


"What the hell is that?", Kenpachi asked.

"Inseki da yo. (It's a meteorite)", Gremmy said, "I made it as big as the Seireitei. So go nuts."

"A meteor? I've never cut one of those before. Isn't that exciting ... Nozarashi!!", Zaraki said with a maniacal grin.



All around the Seireitei the Shinigami as well as Quincy saw the meteor descending and were freaking out. On one of the buildings, Bazz-B was seeing this and couldn't believe what was happening.

"Hey Hey ... That isn't funny ... WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU DO GREMMY?!"

The 'Soldat' as they were called, the Shinigami, Pepe the Sternritter, everyone looked up to the sky and their brains were malfunctioning for a moment.

"What's that ...?! What the hell's going on?!", Renji said.

"... Jeez ... this is nonsense. That bastard has gone mad. People like that ... should've been handled differently.", Askin remarked.

"I-It's ok, the Seireitei has the Shakonmaku ... all objects coming from outside are destroyed by the Shakonmaku...", a Shinigami said. But the next moment the meteor broke through without any resistance.


"No ... no way. We're doomed. It's coming down on us! It's coming! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!", people screamed and ran around like headless chickens. Meanwhile, Jugram Haschwalth was watching this scene with a solemn expression. He might not show it from the outside, but he realises that this is dangerous.

"Protect His Majesty!", he screams to the soldiers.

"Yes sir!"


"Well then, Zaraki Brat. Show me what you can do. Is there something you can do? Or are you powerless?", Gremmy said without a smile this time. He was getting slightly serious right now. Haha, who are we kidding? He still wasn't serious. He had just upped the difficulty a bit. But he wanted to see what Zaraki would do. Would he do the same as he did in the story? Probably. The man looked at the meteor-like he had found his lover.


"Powerless? Yes, maybe you are powerless.", he said and then began to run. He sped up and then jumped towards the meteor.

"Drink ... Nozarashi!", Zaraki said and released his Zanpakuto for the first time in his life. His Zanpakuto transformed into a great axe/war cleaver hybrid with a long, cloth-wrapped handle. The top of the blade has a brass cover with a green tassel attached to the backside. He cut the meteor in two with his power and an ecstatic face. The meteor exploded and the pieces fell to the ground and killed a lot of people ... and who it hit was very peculiar.


Gremmy was watching this with an almost disinterested look. He was ... amused if anything.

"Who would have guessed ... that small Zaraki Brat. He's gotten a little better."

"It's simple really. There is nothing I cannot cut.", Zaraki said as he stood there in the air, looking down on Gremmy. However ...

"Well then ... What are you going to do about the second one, Zaraki?", Gremmy asked.


At that moment another meteor, at least two times the size of the first one, broke through the clouds and hit Zaraki before he could react.


The meteor hit Zaraki with a force he had never felt. It was unreal how powerful something of that size was. And Gremmy was playing around right now. He wasn't really trying. He watched as Zaraki was pressed to the meteor, like a sheet of paper. He tried to press himself from it with all his might but it was harder than he thought. There was only one solution left. He grabbed his eyepatch with all his might and took it off. Reiatsu was released from him like a tsunami and gave Zaraki the necessary strength to push himself off of the meteor.

He didn't have that much time left. He pushed his Reiatsu to the max and swung Nozarashi with all his might. The cut was nowhere as clean as the first one, but the monster still managed to cut it, just before it hit the ground of the Seireitei. The meteor exploded again and giant pieces fell to the ground hitting ... only particular people for some reason.

The Seireitei was in disarray and a giant mess. This type of destruction was ... there was no word for it. They might as well build it back up from scratch.


Gremmy smiled when he saw the state Zaraki was in. He was nowhere near as clean as he was before. He was bloody and full of dust.

"You are quite the monster, eh, Zaraki?"

"Haaaaa ...", Zaraki didn't say anything but exhaled some smoke.

"Haha, it would appear that we have reached the final act in our fight. So let me show you just how outclassed you truly are Zaraki.", Gremmy said and appeared next to Zaraki. Gremmy still had his hands in his pocket. Then with a thought a giant tear appeared in space and opened up, revealing outer space. Stars were seen everywhere and with another thought, it closed again, sealing Zaraki for a moment.

"Stay there for a moment while I set things up here.", Gremmy said. The body fluids of Zaraki began to evaporate and his blood was pressed out of his body. It wasn't called the vacuum of space for nothing.

Gremmy waited for the return of Zaraki. And he didn't have to wait for too long. Space cracked and revealed the bloody figure of Zaraki. He tried to strike Gremmy with his sword but it was no use. He couldn't cut Gremmy if he didn't want to.

"You're back. Good. We have arrived at the last stage of our play. I call it Gremmy vs. the Zaraki Boi. Now come ...", Gremmy said and slowly took his hand out of his pocket for the first time during this fight, "... and rejoice. For you may see a glimpse of my power!"

Just like he had done before once. A small black ball began to form in his hand. It began to grow bigger and bigger the more time passed. When it was as big as a pea, winds began to pick up, when it was as big as a strawberry the winds began to become stronger and dangerous. When it reached the size of a tennis ball, the pull was so strong that rubble and even some weaker Quincy were pulled in. It reached its maximum at the size of a basketball. The gravity was so strong that space-time was affected. Gremmy stopped there as he didn't want to kill everyone.


Zaraki was pulled in and found himself inside a Black Hole. The time slowed down more and more and the forces would have killed him if Gremmy didn't have plans for him. Zaraki found himself in a different ... world or dimension. There were beads of different colours all around. And in front of him stood a big yellow ... blob. An ugly piece of shit for sure. It began to laugh and then punched Zaraki. The Shinigami was hit and shot to the ground.


The big idiot didn't let him recover though and attacked him again. Zaraki tried to dodge and cut him, but it was no use. This yellow f*cktard could punch and the fist would appear next to him out of nowhere. A one-sided beatdown started and Zaraki learned what it meant to be completely powerless. The yellow monster sat on him, punched him, squeezed him and tried to eat him as well.

It was the worst for him. After a couple of hours, Zaraki lay there on the ground, completely beaten and near death. That's when Gremmy appeared next to him. He was sitting in a comfortable chair and drinking some tea.

"Oh, finished already Zaraki? Well then let us return. I can see that you had your fun, hahaha."

The surroundings disappeared with a *pooof* sound and they were in the sky above Seireitei again. Zaraki fell to the ground and lay there unconscious. Gremmy landed next to him with grace and in the same state, he was in when they started their fight.

"Be proud Zaraki. You're no longer a brat. You can use the Kenpachi title if you want. But don't think that you're the strongest. Anywho, good fight.", Gremmy said and then left him there.

"What should I eat now? I guess I haven't had sushi in a while. Some tea would also be nice...."


Tadaaaa. I hope you like it. I put my back into this one. There are some things that I kept the same and some things that I changed. Feel free to comment. There are more fights coming from now on. Gremmy/Toji are no longer holding back. At least not as much as before.

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