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A Collapsing World

This is a story about how a normal peaceful world changed into a post apocalyptic setting all because of the biggest war mankind have ever seen. This is a monthly series.

Ricky_71012 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings


ray Hutson caught in between the infected of the city abaton and rouge machines that gone haywire once was a visit to visit family turned to survive in this city in the sky, jack smith mercenary of netiroa organization tasked to find and destroy the cause of the virus and any survivors but will he have a change of heart when his eyes land on ray or will he shoot him like the rest now feast your eyes on this never-ending tale will the arrow hit to the heavens or will it turn to hell or the evening bell will ring because God has turned his back on you so read and find out what is truly there end

kinggorooa · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings