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Caliel was the only child born without the power of the zodiacs, and because of this he was picked on and beaten up by other children almost everyday. One day, 5 Constels and an army of mythos came to his town and killed his parents. Due to this traumatic experience, Caliel has lost his emotions except for anger and started wanting revenge by climbing Constalia, The tower of Celestials. That's why even though he has no powers, he trained his body in martial arts and mastered the use of various weapons. However, at his final exam, he realized that these skills of his is not enough to overcome the gap in power between him and the other students. But, thanks to his body that houses no power, a new soul was able to enter his body, merging the two souls into one. After the two souls merged with each other, everything about him has changed. With his new Identity, will he be able to reach the top of the tower and change his destiny? or is it his destiny that will completely change him?

SHIM · Fantasy
Not enough ratings