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Out of Space

Out of Space

The crew of the Training Ship UNS Singapore escaped from an alien fleet, finds themselves stranded on an unknown planet and has to survive against deadly monsters and magical creatures. Genre Sci-Fic, Fantasy, Magic, Kingdom Building, Army Building, Technology gap, War, Grand Strategy ---------------------- Updated the previous chapters for spelling and grammar mistakes. Updated with a MAP ! https://ibb.co/msigDz Map of the New World https://ibb.co/eHMM0K ---------------------- Audio Narration by Agro Squerrils on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvM0lAnxdGo ---------------------- Please support if you enjoyed my story! =) https://www.patreon.com/neobear Discord https://discord.gg/A8Tm86V

Neobear · Sci-fi
The Zenith of the Universe

The Zenith of the Universe

At the death’s door he was calm. He has always been alone.  Orphaned. Mute. Unwanted. That is basically the summation of his short life, yet he has no sense of resentment. In the last life, he was like a spectator; Basking in the sun, Watching the changes in the world, Observing people’s way of life, Up until he became one with nature. He wondered, what happens in the afterlife? It’s a question that no one can really answer and something he won’t experience Because he woke up. Thrusted in a bizarre world with a foreign body, unfamiliar to him And a massive responsibility that could overwhelm him any second Can he face it? Nevertheless, he’s ready because he found something he has always yearned for, And he was the existence they have been searching for, A Family. Their Home. ••• Book Cover Art: Cashile from DeviantArt Author: Unlawful Soul

UnlawfulSoul · Fantasy
Not enough ratings