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Kelipto High 1

Shadow Nightsteal, a rich girl sent to a private boarding school in a small town on the cost to get her act together. Living in a society of so called “humanoids” is not easy. Barely 50% of the population is made up of people with odd and questionable abilities. There are 18 ranks, 18 being the highest, Shadow is a rank 18 which puts her in a lot of danger because they are VERY rare. Once Shadow finds out a huge secret about Zander, her new best friend who is also a rank 18, they are brought MUCH closer together but for the better or for the worse? Shadow starts developing strong feelings for him unknowing if he feels the same. All Zander does is try to keep both of them safe even though everything is nearly unpredictable. ~BOOK WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL I FINISH IT Cover Maker: @queen-love22 on Wattpad

Heidi_Bett · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings