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Vengeful Wife

Kana has no friends since the 'accident' that her whole family was involved in, but miraculously Kana was the only survivor. Kana was a fighter and she hated people throughout her high school years and her first college years. Yutang Feng was the firstborn in the Feng family and everybody was pressuring him. Why him? Why not his other siblings? So instead of asking, he distanced himself. He made it to where everyone was afraid of him, even his family. When Kana's family died she had no one and lived in her house alone. Nobody could buy that house as it was in her name. Kana went to school normally, but with no friends and that was her whole life throughout middle school and high school. When Kana got to college she met a sweet girl named Mel Feng. Eventually, they became best friends and the Feng family let Kana move in with them. When Yutang first set his eyes on her, his heartbeat when racing and he knew he had to distance himself more than ever to not fall into temptation. This is only the beginning.

Emily_Rain ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings