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⁉ Mysteries Awaits ⁉ [A TBHK/JSHK x Reader Fanfiction]

"Hey, hey, have you heard about the seven wonders?" ~ "You must have a wish that needs granting. Or did you just summon me here to have fun?" he let out with a grin and squinted eyes. She blushed. "Yes, I do..." "Then you may say it," he announced and roamed back to the surface. "I..." Her tongue clicked. She held onto her "band-aid" tightly. "I want you to be my friend." --- Book: [April 2020] --- This book here is like an adventure and romance book, so not just one... It's kinda like an OC book... A lot of crying/depression involved... This will also contain Manga spoilers... --- A Toilet-bound Hanako-kun x Reader Fanfiction All rights reserved Disclaimer: Jibaku no Hanako-kun/ Toilet-bound Hanako-kun does not belong to me. It is simply an anime/manga for everyone to enjoy. This is just a fanfiction. 12+ Read at your own risk...

MissieMcCrissie · Fantasy Romance
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