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THE UNNOTICED CLIMBER (Yowaмυѕнι Pedal X⃣мale reader)

(M/N) (L/N), a 15 year old Otaku that especially likes BL and Yaoi both anime and mangas. He is also a freshman joining Sohoku High School, he wanted to go there because he heard there was an official Anime club at the said school; it is also because it's closer to his apartment than most of the other schools. On the streets he met his first Otaku friend named, Sakamichi Onoda. (M/N) thought that they would only bring back the anime club, But after stumbling across to meet Imaizumi, Naruko and the other members of the Sohoku Bicycle club (M/N) came to realize that he also like Cycling, that’s why him and his friend(Onoda) decided to join the club with his new cycling buddies...

AikoSunbarashi · Competitive Sports
Not enough ratings