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My Youth with You

"With anyone else, it was an empty void. With her, it was anything but." He smiled, all-knowing, before he settled down on the seat beside me. "Was she really that extraordinary?" I did not hesitate to agree. "She is the sun, and I am only human so, so very human." ---- I am never one to speak up to anyone and everywhere. I thought that until I take my very last breath, this life of mine would remain the same in this everchanging world. But she had taken all of that and turned it into something similar, yet so strikingly different. Our souls gravitated towards each other in our youth, both wanting to find ourselves within each other. I have never seen one so brilliant, one with a gaze so bright that it burns down to my very soul. And all of me, along with my contradicting ideals and beliefs, couldn't look away.

Tennie_48 ยท Realistic Fiction
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