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Let Me Touch Your Heart

Meeting her was his beautiful coincidence. Knowing her was his heaven.She was a beautiful language. She left her imprints on him bit by bit as he uncovered world with her eyes. He was a light in her darkness. A home found by the lost dandelion. He showed her the world she dreamed of, unravelling her fantasy. She found a missing her in him. He likes her . She likes him too. And yet....... "Hey ! will you be my girlfriend?" asked boy as his eyes touched a deep blue shade as he stared intently at the girl in front of him. "No." said the girl in a gentle voice as a fluttering smile adorned her face. "Why?" he asked . "Don't want to." she replied playfully. "Do you have someone you like?" he asked impatiently "I do." she said seriously Hearing her reply the boy felt his heart heavy . He felt suffocated breath. All along he had an icy feeling to himself. As if he was frozen and everything in him had died leving behind a numb feeling. Only after getting to know her did he once again felt warmth . The bland shade of his life turned colours of life. For the first time he found the joy of simplicity. Now he was afraid of nothing but this light getting stollen from him. "Who is it?" he asked holding back the rush of emotions in his voice. "You." -------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: For the cover page the image that is used picture credit goes to the respective owner. (HTTP: illustration./by Re)

Ember_Firefly ยท Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings