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Yona Of The Dawn.

Yona Of The Dawn.

~this is basic off a show / comic. but this is my own fanfiction. ___________ after a huge success after escaping the horrible moment where Yona the princess of kingdom of kouko seen the love of her life Soo-won kill her father King il cold blooded in front of her and tried to kill her but she was saved by one of her protectors Son Hak then escaping the kingdom and never looking back and getting saved by Hak's grandfather and then bringing Yoon along with them then finding the 4 dragon warriors Yona'd other protectors (Kija the White Dragon's claw, Sinha the blue dragon's eyes, Jaeha the Green Dragon's Right Leg, and Zeno The Yellow Dragon) along there way of there journey.

fanfictions · Fantasy
Not enough ratings