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Tsu Toi is the quiet kid in the corner of the class. Although she isolates herself, she has friends. She is extraordinarily beautiful, and is regarded as a cool beauty. Little to people know, she met with a God once. She was accidentally killed, so the God granted her speed. -- Outside of school. "Kyaaaa~! Oh my gosh, you're handsome, rich, and strong!" Tsu started fangirling. "Guys help! This crazy lady has been following me for the past hour!" The leader of Saut, a gang in the top 3 most dangerous gangs in the country. "Awww~ You look cute even when you're panicking~! Kyaaa!" Tsu cradled her face. Thus Tsu unintentionally made a legend about herself, Solaki the person who was able to talk to all gangs.

Kist ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings