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Pathway of the Hybrid

After dying in an unexpected act of heroism, a sixteen-years-old boy was reincarnated into a new world as a wolf, a female wolf to be precise. And after an attack resulting in the death of her new wolf family, she was left to venture to learn more about her powers and the world alone. Following some mishaps, she was somehow dragged along to a quest, making her reunite with an old friend while on it. Showing tremendous power whilst defeating enemies and overcoming challenges that stood along the way, people started to become aware of her existence. "Who is she?" "Which side is she on?" "How did she become so powerful?" "Where did she come from?" "It's like she came out of nowhere." Forced to face the dangers seemingly lurking in every corner, will she be able to come out alive in the end with her friends? A little heads up: uploads of new chapters can take a while because I'm still a student, but I'll try my best. *The art cover is not mine! It is by Darenrin, a very talented artist in deviantart. If you are the owner and wish for me to take it down, please message me and I'll immediately do so.*

MoonWarIII ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings