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The Kink Life (Yarichin Bitch Club x Reader)

(Y/n) (l/n)'s grandfather is the chairman of a school way off in the mountains. Because of some issues she is attending this so-called school. Only problem is, it's an all boys school. Even worse, she accidentally joined some sex service club. Enjoy while she struggles between her love life and her sex life in this school full of boys. Where she'll learn to accept herself, how to stand up against what's wrong, and find the love or maybe even “loves” of her life. But this journey won't be easy. She'll deal with people who hate her for no reason, people who take advantage of her weaknesses, and her own past. May her story inspire you to love yourself and push through your own trials. And to get a better understanding and acceptance of your own sexuality.

Melancholy_Sage · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings