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Miss XL's Sweet Revenge

Asbel Moon, the girl who has an X-tra Large body. Asbel was always being bullied by her entire school life, but gladly, her Knight and Shinning Armor was there to protect her. One day, that protector of her's confesses his feelings towards her. Everything went smoothly on their relationship, until when an unexpected scene make her world shattered into pieces that cause their relationship to fall apart Asbel was hurt and being betrayed, and because of that. She wanted revenge, and after 5yrs. she's back. She's not the X-tra Large they once knew that will just take a simple revenge, because she's now Miss XL. The most fameouse model, designer, and a successful business woman. And operation Miss XL's Sweet Revenge starts now "I came back not because I moved on, but just to be your worst sweet nightmare" ~Miss XL

CrescentStar143 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings