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Second Chance


Kim Jun Hee was comatose 6 months ago but when she wake up she didnt know who she was...Her parents are worried to her so when she was discharged in hospital...Her parents live in China for her safety...She continue her studies there... Until 1 year has passed...Jun Hee wants to see her brother Kim Junmyeon a.k.a Suho...And her parents agree on that...So they go back to seoul...but what if once she go back there...is she will remember him?or them?once she go back there everything has changed...what will happen once she go back to her previous school?Is all students will be happy once they knew what happend to her?Will she able to forgive the person who broke her heart?Will she able to love him back?again... When she go back there she is not the nerd,ugly,weak girl they never met...cause Jun Hee has changed....she changed a lot... to be continued~ Hope you guys will add this is your library and please vote!!❤❤ Please comment if there is some errors in this story... Thank You!❤

byun_rae_hyun · Teen
Not enough ratings