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World Terror

World Terror

World Terror is about a male lead who reincarnates in a parallel world which is facing Apocalypse under the threat of World Terror, the ruler of Terror multiverse. Terror Multiverse is a dark sandy cloud above the Original Multiverse, Terror Multiverse is formed of every Dreams, Imaginations, fears, fantasy's, wishes and regrets ever thought or created in the original multiverse. Terror Walkers, the heros and the last hope of this parallel world's Humankind walk the various Terror World's while gaining strength and continuously evolving themselves in order to save the Human Kind from World Terror and other foreign Invaders. The Male lead having reincarnated into a fantasy world decides to climb the top of the new world's food chain with the help of his powerful and unique soul to ensure his and his loved ones safety. ................... Schedule - 7ch/week. Join my discord - https://discord.gg/MkKyRg

IGotStones ยท Fantasy