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My Dangerous Quest For Love

[Mature Content] [No Rape] The long awaited vacation plan had turned into a disastrous event! When Sara finally took her annual leave for new year’s holiday in five years, she was having the best time in her life! Finally she could use up her savings to stay in one of the luxurious hotels, sunbathing under the sun, roaming around the tourist spots. But what she did not know was that fate had its own twisted plan for her...Transmigrating her to a strange world where magic and mages were present! Given with the choice to complete a task within a year and return to her own world or be forever stranded in this strange world, how will Sara cope with this incredulous situation? ——— “Who sent you? Who put you up to assassinate me?” The man stared at me with eyes that burned like red flames as his hands choked my neck. Despite the fact that his gaze was filled with anger and doubt, something was burning inside me. It was as though he could see right through my very soul. I have never seen those kinds of eyes. But I quickly came out of my reverie as I realized the situation I was in. “G-Get your hands off me...You are c-choking me.“ My breath rasped in my throat.. “I will, once you tell me who sent you to kill me.” His picture-perfect face had an apathetic expression as his cold gaze sent chills over my spine. He shifted his hand from my neck and pinned both of my hands over my head. I tried to struggle free from his unbelievably strong grip but I felt like I’d been zapped with a couple dozen stun guns—all weak and hopeless. My chest heaved up and down as sweat trickled down my half exposed cleavage. His hands slid down, scorching my skin through the thin silk of my dress. He shifted his weight, rubbing my thighs ever so slightly. I tightened at the sensual contact, and a warm sensation flooded my veins. My eyes widened as my mind was sent reeling with his touch. What the bloody hell was going on? ======= PS. The cover belongs to the owner only. Can be taken down at the owner's discretion.

Binding_Destinies · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

String of Fate: My Magical Romance?

"New Year's Eve is coming Jiejie! What should we do for our Crowning Night Hour?" "Don't worry Yara, the ravens have informed me that the Vampires are holding their Rose Ceremony the same night." "Jiejie, you don't mean to say..." "What better item to use for our once-in-a-lifetime Crowning than the Royal Vampires' roses?" "Um, wonderful idea Jiejie, except there are a few minor details you missed..." "Yara! Trust me, what could possibly go wrong?"

Peony42X · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

To Dream Under the Stars

The last day in Year 2999 under the Empire 's reign, a day to let go of feuds and wash the slate clean to prepare for a new start in the Year 3000. Yet, Kara not only wanted a new year, she wanted a new life. One in which there wouldn't be people constantly trying to influence her decisions. It was most certainly a wish on a whim, but none the less, one that came true. In a foreign land, Kara's wits and perseverance will be put to the test in order to survive. The wheels of fate are turning, yet to be a pawn in someone's game was never what she had in mind. --- The story has the setting of the first chapter as sci-fi but afterwards it will be mostly fantasy, that's why it's tagged as fantasy. Don't be confused/fooled by ]chapter 1. Thanks for checking out To Dream Under the Stars. I saw the WPC #151 prompt and thought this would be something really interesting to partake in as I love writing. This is my first writing a web novel so if anyone has any suggestions/advice or just thoughts to share please do so! It would be greatly appreciated : )

1emon · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings