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I Am A Sassy MeoW Soul Ripper

An unpredictable royal Feline on a mission to fight against the evil in the human world. Oh ! at the same time she has to choose and fall in love with her mate. Blessed with powers and attitude of a royalty and the interactions with her human , her tantrums makes her who she is. She is on a mission to save Feline community and do her job of feline soul ripper at the same time and don't forget she is also trying her hand as an aspiring actress on the human world. She is on a journey , off course a rollercoaster one! And me? her mate, her human butler , her biggest fan and what not! Do read this journey of this cat slave and a lover and a semi crazy cat who is my lady love. And owner of all my endless pampering!! ( The cover photo is not mine, the copyright goes to the owner , it is taken from the web novel inkstone collection)

PrincessKnight111 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Blight Of Angels

An angel of the heaven meets an angel stranded on earth. What will bring forth towards the two angels and the world when they come in contact.

Hydragen · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings