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Nightmare Survival

Marlin Subaru Smith was a high school basketball player that has a Japanese mother and an American father. Having experienced both of their cultures embedded in his genes, he learned their ways of life. Learning from his grandfathers, uncles, and parents, he seemed to be confident in his life. Join Marlin as he transported to the Zombie world and survives every day of his life.

Mel_Aniv · Martial Arts

Anathema Destruction

a·nath·e·ma /əˈnaTHəmə/ A formal ecclesiastical ban, vehement denunciation. An imprecation; a curse; a malediction. The world had drowned in sins. Christianity couldn't protect everyone. Evil has broken through, and they are roaming the streets of the earth. Jackson and his brother, Joaquin, was left together. They went against things they couldn't even see. Learning together through seeing people die. It was a sacrifice for a better purpose. They didn't know what had happened, or how it happened. All they know is that they wake up one day and the world they lived in all their life was unrecognizable as it was literally destroyed to the ground. It was 2073, the world had gotten at its worst peak. People were dying left and right at the consequence of their actions. The Devil was stronger and it had them hanging by a thread. Continuing to live day by day was more of a curse than a blessing. They didn't know what tomorrow awaited, they didn't know if there's a bright future amidst the thickest of fogs. But they are resilient, choosing to fight together, persistent to get out of this unescapable tragedy, Somewhere, somehow there should be a way. Will they find it before they die? Or will they die trying?

yander · Fantasy
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