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Death system

What is it beyond death?  A question that will never be answered until one meets with the death itself, isn't it?  "You are a disappointment."  "I'll always be by your side."  "Have you gone mad!? You useless trash!"  "Believe in yourself as I believe in you."  Thousands of scenarios and dramas in his life, but he stood, as he walked one step at a time. He never feared going forward for the worst that could happen is his death. 'Perhaps.. I shouldn't have been born... '  A thought that always haunted his mind, for he thought he's unfit for this world.  'But.. I don't wanna die either..'  And in his last moment, he heard a voice, a whisper that came into his head.  "Do you?" ****** hai, I'm joining the spirity contest and this is my new story. if you like how the story so far, please give me your support by leaving a review or some power stones for me, thank you!

RandomGuy · Fantasy

The Oscillation

It was an average day in Miami—then fractures in the sky appeared. A pulse from those cracks altered the population; some people's biology changed while others received magical and supernatural powers. After the chaos, the political drama ensued, followed by the discovery of portals that brought deadly creatures. They called this event "The Oscillation" and it changed Rachel's life forever.

AuthorSME · Teen
Not enough ratings


What if the world you lived in wasn't real. You may ask "what would that make me" It is not to say the people are fake just that they are led to believe the world they live in is real and they are almost correct. It's just the world we live in only has the smallest amount of reality. Meaning there are worlds with higher amounts of reality. This is the Story of a boy who dies in a most ridiculous way that he sees through the world's reality by the sheer disbelief in the way he dies. He is then granted access to a higher reality and rewarded for being the first person to REALIZE. MC's powers are based on Reality and include: the ability to change it(based on level of mc) this includes things like time or space or anything based in reality. so basically if it exists it can be effected by MC the ability to see through it(MC can see through any illusion or unreal thing and can identify anything that is real through sight) the ability to break all things based on realism AKA destroy logic(this is intended to be a ultimate move, it can basically destroy any existence or modify the existing reality like changing the sky's color or creating something out of nothing or adding abilities. this ability will have heavy restrictions like cost or cooldown. All other skills will be based off or retrieved from above skills

Typical_Destiny · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Adventures Of The Ultimate System

* disclaimer*I don't own the characters in the world's h goes to beside the one I makeup

belier · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Adventure Of Zed: Into Another World

A young boy, Zedicus Kilzeck got pulled into another world by a dimensional rift accidentally, caused by two powerful beings fighting each other for an unknown reason. When he woke up, he find himself in the middle of the forest, in a strange world where monster and dragons exists, all that fantasy stuff he reads in books and games he played. A world where magic exists. As the story goes on, he will find himself knowing the secrets that this world holds and encounter many people that he will journey with. What kind of Adventures will awaits Zedicus in this New World he got transferred.

Ez_Jcnt · Fantasy
Not enough ratings