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Cold Hearted Wife: Divorce me now!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ivy Crompton was a woman with a plan to exact revenge from those who caused her mother's untimely death. Hated by her family due to her actions to cover up her mission, she was the ghost of her family as the whole world was oblivious to her existence. Which served as a blessing disguised as a curse for her as she followed through her plan for years. But the only thing she did not plan for happened to her, Married off by her family for their own benefit, Ivy finds herself in a new predicament with a husband who has no feelings for her plus her little son whom she loves to death. After being forced by circumstances to leave the country three years ago with her son, Ivy is back now with more power and influence anyone can imagine as she starts to collect the debts that her so-called family owed her. **** "Huh...my father is forcing me with the power of his small company to behave? Let's just take over the entire company as it belonged to me nevertheless." "My trash of an ex-husband wants to fight me for my son's custody?.... Let him try I will see who has the power to force me anyway..'' Her husband who was listening to her from behind, "What are you saying, my wife? How can I fight for custody when the two of us are not even divorced..'' Ivy who erupted in anger after hearing him, "What wife? Whose wife! I sent you the signed divorce papers three years ago!'' A certain someone smirked, "Well, you see MY WIFE, in order to divorce I have to sign them which I did not so, you are still my wife!'' Follow Ivy as she navigates through her life with a very clingy husband and a very annoying family who just do not wish to leave her alone.

BelleFille ยท Contemporary Romance
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